Bingo Sites Providing Long Term Value to Players

2011 started out with a bang for bingo providers and players. Internet bingo companies reported record fourth quarter profits and industry experts said that bingo sites will be offering even more to players this year. The series of severe arctic storms that battered the UK and Europe in November and December of 2010 have been cited as a factor in the bingo industry’s record fourth quarter profits. It would appear that millions of British bingo players stayed at home during the storms and played bingo in their nice warm homes. Bingo sites offered players some of the best seasonal and holiday promotions in December of 2010. The New Year saw even more promotions celebrating the New Year.

Bingo operators have taken note of a recent study that showed that while bingo sites go to great lengths to attract new players most do not have programs designed for player retention. The study showed that many players at bingo sites are looking for long term value instead of generous deposit bonuses. While online bingo deposit bonuses remain a valuable and time tested marketing strategy players are looking for long term benefits. In addition to deposit bonuses and promotions players are looking for cash back programs, daily, weekly and monthly bonuses and programs. Although most bingo sites have some sort of loyalty program most players say that bingo sites could do a lot better in providing player retention incentives.

In the past the main priority at most bingo sites has been attracting new customers. As has been mentioned most bingo sites like BingoHouse attract players with generous bonuses and player perks. Most industry experts say that the bonuses will remain and will probably get larger this year. Players can expect more free bingo and much larger jackpots. Social media will play a major role at bingo sites this year and players will be provided with more social media opportunities designed to facilitate communication between players. Bingo sites will also be adding more side games including new and highly original slot games. Many of these slot games offer players substantial jackpots for a very low wager.

Many bingo sites will be adding mobile applications to provide players with ‘bingo on the go.’  Mobile bingo has been very popular but at the present time only a limited number of bingo sites provide mobile bingo to players. Recession like conditions have continued and bingo sites are doing everything in their power to make internet bingo affordable for everyone.

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