Bingo Sites Ready for Father’s Day

Summer is traditionally slow at most online bingo sites. Players abandon bingo games in favor of outdoor activities like swimming, camping, hiking and many other outdoor activities. In addition school is out leaving less time for busy moms to go online to play bingo games. Since there are few holidays during the summer bingo sites do not have many holiday promotions. Father’s Day is coming up and bingo sites are taking full advantage of the opportunity offered by this summer holiday. Since most online bingo players are women many people will not make the connection between online bingo and Father’s Day.

In the old days before online bingo fathers would head to the local pub while the wives attended games at the local High Street bingo hall. Back then many men would not be caught dead in a bingo hall but times have changed thanks to internet bingo. Today there are even a few websites devoted to bingo for men and one site has the slogan “putting the balls back in bingo.” In spite of all the advances men have made in the world of bingo the general consensus is still that bingo and men don’t mix. Bingo is still perceived as a game for women but that hasn’t stopped most bingo sites from running Father’s Day promotions.

For most people Father’s Day involves the purchase of a card and gift and listening to the old man’s stories. Thanks to the father’s day promotions bingo players can win some pretty nice gifts for dad. One site is offering bottles of champagne with custom printed labels with dad’s name on the bottle. Some bingo sites are offering increased bingo bonuses for father’s day and some are offering male oriented prizes. The increased jackpots some sites are offering will enable lucky winners to have a very special father’s day. Since father’s day is only four days away players have a limited time to take advantage of all of the father’s day bonuses, jackpots and prizes.

Father’s day is providing bingo sites with one of the few promotional opportunities available during the long summer months. Players should hop online and take advantage of all of the special father’s day promotions during the short time left until the holiday.

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