Bingo Sites Up the Ante For Upcoming Bank Holiday

Bank holidays provide workers in the UK with several long weekends every year. Originally the four bank holidays were officially named in the Bank Holidays Act of 1871. In Great Britain the term ‘bank holiday’ is used for other public holidays such as Good Friday and Christmas.  Bank holidays include the last Monday in May, the first Monday in June, the first Monday in August, the last Monday in August and the last Monday in October. As can be seen bank holidays give Britons several long weekends in the summer and are much beloved by the population. For online bingo sites in the UK bank holidays provide bingo operators with an opportunity to launch special bank holiday promotions.

In April there was an additional bank holiday because of the royal wedding. Unfortunately things did not go as planned at most UK bingo sites. Generally the royal wedding promotions were a big flop and most bingo sites reported disappointing figures. April was full of holidays and most Mother’s Day promotions were a success. There were many factors cited for the failure of the royal wedding bingo bonuses and promotions but the main factor cited was the fact that most Britons were too busy celebrating and online bingo took a back seat to the wedding promotions.

For many bingo sites the last spring bank holiday is the last hurrah before the arrival of the traditionally slow summer season. Attendance at online bingo games declines as Britons forgo bingo games in favor of summer activities and holidays. Bingo sites try to get in as many promotions as possible before the slow summer season. Usually thinks pick up again in the fall as the weather turns cooler and players are more inclined to stay indoors. The weather can have a great effect on game attendance at bingo sites. Lat winter most bingo sites reported record numbers of players during the series of severe arctic storms that pummeled the UK and Europe.

Many bingo sites in the UK are offering stunning promotions on the May bank holiday weekend. There are several ways to find the best bank holiday promotions. Bingo portals and forums are great sources of information for all things bingo. Many major bingo operators will advertise their upcoming bank holiday promotions on television. Competition is keen in the online bingo industry which should result in an amazing (and lucrative) selection of bank holiday promotions for players.

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