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Many small towns and cities around the world are in dire financial straits doe to the ongoing global recession. Many towns are having trouble funding basic services such as fire and police protection and infrastructure.  In the ‘rust belt’ in the US the problem has been compounded by the closing of factories which provided the towns with a stable tax base. Most of these town and cities have had to cut back on basic government services making local problems even worse. Some of these towns have come up with an unusual solution to their financial woes-bingo!

Some towns have noticed a distinct improvement after the launch of local bingo halls. In one rural Kentucky town the local bingo hall allows a different civic organization to run the bingo games each week. The organization gets to keep most of the money raised during the bingo games. The various organizations must provide refreshments, workers, bingo callers and all staffing for the bingo events. The bingo games in this small Kentucky town have been so successful that the local fire department was able to purchase a new tanker truck making the community much safer.  Charitable organizations also run bingo games and the money raised helps the unemployed who have been affected by the recession. In Holland Michigan the Veterans of Foreign Wars post has been running bingo games for decades. While payouts may not be high the games have provided thousands of dollars for local charities and the games are a staple of local life.

Bingo games also relieve the boredom that can come from living in a small town. Despite the lack of entertainment opportunities most small town residents say they prefer the small town atmosphere to big city life. Bingo halls also attract people from outside the community who spend money which helps the local economy. Many small town residents say that the quality of life in their towns has been improved by the addition of bingo halls.  Bingo halls have helped a few struggling communities to get back on a sound financial footing.

For those who live in remote areas without access to a local bingo hall, an online bingo game can provide the same excitement and entertainment as the live version of the game. Players at bingo sites can socialize using chat rooms and even better can win some pretty big jackpots. Internet bingo is also perfect for bingo fans that may work odd hours and cannot attend games at the local bingo hall. Bingo games have been used for many purposes but for players the big attraction is the fun provided by bingo.

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