Bingo Superstitions

The expression “some people have all the luck” can actually apply to some bingo players. At most bingo halls there is a player that seems to win all the time. They seem to win no matter where they sit and no matter how many cards they play. No odds computing formula or algorithm is capable of explaining “dumb luck.” Some bingo players have strongly held superstitions that they credit their frequent wins to. Some use talismans or ‘lucky charms, while other swear by ‘lucky seats.” The range of superstitions one can see in any bingo hall is truly amazing!

Some bingo players use lucky charms to court lady luck. Studies have shown that three out of four bingo players carry some sort of object they believe brings them luck. Many players will not admit that they use lucky charms while other players display their selection of lucky charms openly and ostentatiously. Some players will wear lucky socks to games. Others may wear special jewelry. At some bingo halls players use ‘lucky’ daubers and display troll dolls, four-leaf-clover key chains, dice, gemstones, rabbit’s feet, small beanbag animals. As can be seen just about any portable object can be ‘lucky.’

Some bingo players swear by lucky seats. First time bingo players are often confronted by players wanting to sit in their lucky seat. In most cases the requests are polite but occasionally serious argument occur and there have even been violent incidents over ‘lucky’ seats. Many players have been sitting in their lucky seat for years and consider it to be their exclusive property. It is always a good idea to move and let the player have their lucky seat.

Some players consider some coins to be lucky. It is common to see coins arranged in a pattern at bingo halls. Some players place the coins at the top of their bingo cards. Other players may believe that leaving any money on the table to be unlucky. Some players will look for cards with their lucky numbers. A player may hunt for cards with O 3 while another player may consider that card unlucky.

Players who go to bingo halls to gamble are in the wrong place. Bingo halls have a higher house edge than any casino. Bingo is a random game of chance and the odds against players are astounding. In spite of the high house edge players still win some sizable bingo jackpots. In recent years bingo has gone online and today online bingo is a billion dollar a year business. Many bingo halls have adopted modern technology including the use of random number generators and electronic bingo cards. In reality it is the entertainment and social activities that attract people to bingo halls.

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