Bingo Superstitions Go Online

Bingo has been a popular game for decades. Bingo games are usually well attended by a predominately female audience. In both the UK and the US bingo gives seniors and pensioners a chance to get out of the house, socialize with friends and a chance to win some extra cash. For pensioners on fixed incomes bingo is an affordable way to have fun. Online bingo has also made inroads with an older audience. For pensioners who are homebound online bingo sites provide the opportunity to play their favorite game and socialize with others in the chat rooms.

Go to any bingo hall and you will most likely see players surrounded by various objects. Generally these are ‘good luck’ charms which can be family photos, lucky daubers, stuffed animals, lucky coins and just about any object the player thinks is ‘lucky.’ Many players attend the same bingo games regularly and insist on sitting in their ‘lucky’ seat and woe be to the player who tries to sit there.

Many bingo players have rituals they engage in before each bingo game. For example some players may believe that walking around their chair three times will bring them luck. Many will repeat such rituals throughout an evening of bingo especially if they are winning. Some players may have predetermined ‘lucky’ days to play and will only attend bingo games on specific days.

Some bingo players have special lucky outfits. These can be pajamas, t shirts, underwear, sweaters or shoes. Many players at online bingo sites use special lucky screen names while in bingo chat rooms. Some players at bingo sites actually believe they can only win when certain friends are in the same chat room.  Players at internet bingo sites may use the same lucky charms that land based players use. They may place photos, dolls and just about any object they consider ‘lucky’ next to the computer. Some players at online bingo sites have lucky objects that would be considered too outlandish or risqué for traditional bingo halls.

While bingo superstitions may seem strange to non players they are perfectly normal and acceptable to bingo players. For players bingo superstitions add another dimension to the game and many players sincerely believe that their object and rituals actually influence the outcome of bingo games. Many believe that bingo superstitions defy logic and reason but for players they are just part of the game.

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