Bingo: The Fun And Easy Way To Win Money

balls-bingoNot too long ago, bingo halls were seen as places the older generations would socialise and have great fun whilst doing so; however, bingo halls are now packed to the rafters with all generations, from parties looking for fun before hitting the towns, or simply a place to meet up and enjoy the thrill of winning money in a friendly environment.

Winning in bingo comes down to pure lady luck. Although this may be the case, experienced players know there are ways to increase the chances of winning. Listed below are a few ways of bumping up your chances of shouting, “BINGO!”

Arrive Early and Avoid Busy Nights

Arriving early ensures gaining the best seats. Being first also allows time for socialising and a few drinks before the Bingo starts. Depending on the night, some sessions are better attended than others, so from an odds/winning aspect, the possibilities of winning are better when opposition is at its least. Playing with fewer people in the hall is a strategy many winners opt for. This strategy also avoids the noise and chaos of a crowded hall.

Choosing the Right Game

There is more than one way of playing Bingo; some players prefer the traditional 90-ball Bingo because there are 3 ways winning, whilst others like a 75-ball pattern game because the top prize is bigger. The right choice comes down to your comfort level and the potential payout, the odds and your experience. If you’re not 100% sure of the rules, don’t play the game.

Play Less Cards

Contrary to popular belief, buying more tickets isn’t the safest way to win a game. Not only does this initially cost more to secure the winning card, the jackpot is financed by all the losing ones; unless the player(s) are experienced at managing their cards, the chances of missing a number or two increases, so the likelihood of winning actually decreases.
Bonus Balls

A lot of games feature balls of a different colours, the ‘bonus balls”. These award a prize or double the amount of the win if part of the successful grouping or pattern features one of them. Experienced players look out for these opportunities and choose games based upon the highest payouts.
Bingo Online

If you can’t be without your Bingo fix, you can create an account online with literally hundreds of sites. You can try it first and play for fun to pass the time, or you can pay into your account and play with others in cyber rooms designated to the site for money. There are also Bingo apps and games for Smartphones – the list is endless!

Whether you play for the social side and to make new friends, or you are a diehard player with your own honed strategies, Bingo is a great game to win money and bring others together.

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