Bingo-The Rules

Bingo is a pretty popular and straightforward game that requires concentration and coordination. In land based bingo halls you will see people with several bingo cards in front of them paying rapt attention to the bingo caller and rapidly marking the cards with uncanny accuracy. In fact several university studies say that bingo helps train the memory and can even slow the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Just about everyone has played bingo at one time or another either in the old home version of the game or at bingo halls or online bingo sites.  Bingo is not a complicated game and is fast paced. If you have never visited a bingo hall and don’t know what to expect a quick review of the rules will help.

In the UK most bingo halls have an entry fee and some bingo halls have package deals that include free drinks and food. In the US most bingo games are played in churches and usually there is no entry fee and the church itself will sell refreshments in addition to bingo cards. In some US states there are bingo halls similar to those found in the UK. Many Native American tribes operate bingo halls and casinos on their respective reservations. In a bingo hall you will most likely sit at a forward facing table so if you are new to the game it will be a good idea to sit where you can see and hear the caller clearly. You will have to purchase bingo cards and in some bingo halls cards are sold in ‘books.’ Try not to play too many cards in the beginning and you will soon be able to determine how many cards you can play comfortably.

You will probably have to purchase a ‘dauber’ which is a simple device used to mark the squares on a bingo card. In the UK bingo has a language all its own so it is probably wise to go with an experienced player until you learn the various colorful terms used by bingo players. In the US only 75 ball bingo is played in bingo halls but in the UK 75 and 90 ball bingo is played. Whatever you do don’t talk or cause any distractions while the games are in progress. Bingo halls are notoriously silent during games.

If you don’t live near a bingo hall online bingo is the best solution. Bingo Sites are the same, but online bingo game players can play more cards thanks to the auto daub feature at most bingo websites. In addition you will receive generous bonuses when you sign up and deposit. Online bingo has a very social atmosphere and players happily chat away during games thanks to bingo chat rooms. If you are new you can rest assured that most of the experienced players will help you learn the game. Most people who try bingo become regular players and with good reason. You can have a great time and win some serious cash too!

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