Bingo’s Growing Popularity With Younger Players

Thanks to the internet the demographics of bingo have changed for good. No longer is bingo seen as a game for senior citizens and pensioners and in some countries online bingo is a very popular leisure activity for those under 30 years old. Statistics show there is a clear generational divide when it comes to online bingo vs. land based bingo. Older players still prefer live games at bingo halls while younger players overwhelmingly prefer online bingo. The game of online bingo has emerged from the smoky bingo halls of yesteryear and has gone online and has a whole new look and feel. Many major online bingo brands now cater to a younger new breed of bingo players.

Gambling statistics show that the number of players under 45 years old has increased during the past few years and the number is constantly growing. During the period from 2007-2010 the number of online bingo players has increased by 80% in the United Kingdom. A very large percentage of the online bingo community is comprised of players between the ages of 18 through 40. Bingo went online in 1996 and the number of players remained static until about 2006. During that period faster computer speeds and increased broadband access enabled bingo game developers to create highly entertaining and realistic online bingo games. Advances in Flash technology led to the development of no download bingo games with instant access.  The addition of chat rooms brought the social aspect of the game to bingo sites and for many players the quality of chat rooms is more important than financial gain. Many believe that the addition of chat rooms was responsible for the rapid expansion of the online bingo sector.

Fueled by the demands of younger players there has been a rapid expansion of the online bingo industry. Bingo sites now generate about $2 billion dollars annually and the competition for these bingo dollars is fierce.  In the UK there are now several well established bingo brands. Some bingo sites offer players as many as 40 different bingo rooms plus an extensive selection of side games such as roulette, poker, pull tab games and arcade games.  Online bingo is no longer a low stakes game and jackpots of hundreds of thousands of dollars and pounds are now common at bingo sites. Today online bingo has been partially responsible for the surge of players at traditional bingo halls. In the UK bingo is seen as ‘trendy’ by the young and the new generation of players ensures the game will survive well into the future.

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