Bingo’s Makeover

Many think of bingo as a quaint pastime enjoyed by little old blue haired ladies sitting in a smoky church basement or bingo hall. In the UK where bingo is thoroughly entrenched as a social activity the game is played in large bingo clubs throughout the country. Many of these huge bingo halls are converted cinemas. Well known bingo brands include Gala and Mecca who have huge bingo halls in several cities. The atmosphere in a bingo hall can be tense as total silence is enforced during games and anyone who dares to make a noise or talk during a game is quickly ostracized. Despite the atmosphere avid players turn up day after day, money in hand in hopes of winning the ‘big one.’ In reality bingo in the UK is undergoing a transformation that is sure to destroy the old stereotypes forever.

Bingo in the UK has undergone a stunning makeover. The game is attracting a whole new generation of younger players who have transformed the game. Despite reports of a 29% decline in the number of bingo halls in the UK, many bingo providers are reporting record profits. The increase in the number of new players and increased profits can be credited to the rapid growth of internet bingo. Internet bingo is presently the most popular leisure activity of women between the ages of 20 and 25. Over 90% of all regular online players are under the age of 50 and are computer literate. The introduction of mobile bingo has made the game even more popular with the young and is not uncommon to see a young woman happily playing bingo on a train or bus. Research has shown that a sizable number of online bingo game players have never played the land based version of the game.

Obvious factors that have attracted younger players to online bingo sites include ease of use and widespread accessibility but there are several other important factors in play. For younger players the social networking aspect of internet bingo is a major factor contributing to the game’s popularity. Many online bingo players say that the social aspect is actually more important than winning a game. Chat rooms, forums and message boards have created a sense of community among online players. In the UK, bingo sites are actually more popular than such well known social networking sites as Facebook and MySpace. The makeover of bingo has ensured that the game will be popular for decades to come.

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