California Tribe Will Launch Online Bingo Site

Online gambling is here to stay in the United States and so far three states have legalized online games. Next year at least a dozen states are expected to join states where internet gambling is legal. Most states plan to focus on poker and casino games but one California tribe plans to offer online bingo. Many Native American tribes started their gaming operations with bingo. In fact, bingo is the reason tribal gaming is legal thanks to the Seminole tribe of Florida. In the 1980’s the Seminoles won a land mark court case that paved the way for other tribes to open their own brick and mortar gaming operations.

According to the Casino City’s Indian Gaming Industry Report tribal gaming operations in California generated $6.9 billion in 2011, 25% of the total tribal casino revenues nationwide. The report also said that 60 tribes in California gave the state $387 million. The Alturas Indian Rancheria Tribe in Northern California is ready to launch their online bingo site by the end of the year. The tribe has formed a partnership with a company known as Great Luck. Great Luck has developed a technology that is open to players throughout the US. The site also offers a mobile application.

Great Luck is headed by Native Americans from other tribes. The company unveiled the “first tribal online bingo site in the United States” at an event in Las Vegas last September. The site is currently available in a ‘free play’ format and the Alturas Indian Rancheria Tribe hopes to offer ‘real money’ bingo by the end of the year. Tribes using Great Luck’s system are counting on a VPN type technology called “Virtual Private Network Assisted Play System.” The system will make sure that players are located on the reservation virtually instead of physically.

When players register and are approved they are able to play via “proxy play.” The system connects players to servers located on tribal lands “thus ensuring that all actual game play is taking place within sovereign Indian lands.” The program will make sure all players are of legal age and are located in a state that allows class 2 gambling. The tribe is currently working on the legal challenges. Allison Clear Fastowof Blue Engine Media, on behalf of Great Luck told reporters “Great Luck has assembled a first-rate legal team with extensive experience in Tribal and non-Tribal gaming law, banking, and patent protection. Our customers can feel confident that they are participating in a legal gaming experience.”

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