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Gaming research firm ‘Media & Entertainment Consulting Network’ has just released their new report titles Casual Gaming and Gambling on the Internet – 2nd Edition. A previous report pointed to the growing importance of casual players to the online gaming industry. Casual gaming online is well established and has been around for some time. Until now casual gaming has had a low profile but online gaming companies looking for new players have realized just how important casual players are to the online gaming industry.

Recently gaming giants 888 Holdings, PartyGaming and Playtech have invested heavily in the internet bingo sector. Several first quarter reports by several gaming companies underscore the fact that online bingo has been a driving force for increased revenues for several online gaming companies. In liberalized markets such as Italy casual players are the primary revenue-generating sector. In Italy internet bingo has been a big hit and thousands of new players have signed up at bingo sites throughout Italy.

For many online gaming companies the US market has been a tough nut to crack. Fantasy sports and skill gaming are strategies frequently used to enter legally restricted markets such as the United States. The recent seizure of several poker sites by the US government has sent severe shock waves through the online gaming industry. So far only poker sites have been targeted and bingo sites have been left alone-for now. Many gaming sites including some bingo sites are quietly withdrawing from the American market and are losing revenues as a result.

The report divides casual gaming into two categories; games where the outcome is based on luck such as online bingo games and games where the outcome is determined by skill and know- how like poker blackjack and other skill based games.  The report details how women are the key to casual gaming and contains a detailed analysis of the online bingo industry and the future of online bingo during the next five years. The importance of online communities and networks is discussed. Bingo operators have long known the importance of social interaction among players. At most bingo sites regular players have a sense of community aided by chat rooms and other social networking opportunities.

Media & Entertainment Consulting Network is one of the premiere sources for information and analysis of online gaming markets worldwide. The research firm has many valuable studies and reports available on their website. According to most reports the online bingo industry has a bright future ahead.

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