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Top Online Bingo Sites: A blissful Bingo experience

William Hill Bingo

William Hill Online Bingo has street cred too.

Getting confused over which Bingo site to play? Wish you had knew some top bingo sites online which you could blindly trust? Your search is over. Websites like have compiled a comprehensive list of top online bingo sites. There is an abundance of bingo providers who claim to be the best. Many review sites have separated the cream bingo sites among the numerous ones teeming on the net. The best bingo site is expected to give an ultimate playing experience, easy navigation, help just a click away, lucrative jackpots and an easy payout upon winning.

The reviews are done looking into facts like how modern, platform independent and global the site has emerged in due course of time. To qualify for the top online bingo sites listing, a site should be language independent and available across devices like iPads, Mobiles, PCs and Laptops. It should also support various banking options.

You need an insight of what that top online bingo sites have to offer you, how it treats its players and how trusted it is. You can also check out who is on the top of the tier with player reviews!

Foxy Bingo: It has hit the popularity index among the players of both types; novices and experts alike. Rated as one of the most eventful bingo sites, it’s all the time jam packed with thousands of punters. The cheeky fox is always on the look out to surprise you with a wonderful welcome, joyful jackpots and amazing games. £20 free signup bonus and 200% bonus on first deposit and interactive games is what keeps you glued here.

William Hill Bingo: Once on top of the charts, a very well known traditional land based casino has remarkably moved to modern avatar with all the best in class features. A tie up with the renowned software provider Playtech has taken it up on the ladder with intuitive navigation, lobby with many bingo rooms and trusted security measures. A newbie is given free play and a chance to grab £25 on the deposit of mere £10.

Gala Bingo: Experience speaks here. It is counted amongst the most played bingo sites in the market with massive winnings, enjoyment at its best.

888 Ladies Bingo: Ladies like to customize everything as per their tastes. Here you get a chance to tailor your bingo player session. Overall the games have been kept very simple. 888 Ladies bingo also tops in providing free games. Free play hours start from 11:30 AM to 11:30 PM and prizes are announced daily at 7PM.

Party Bingo: 24X7 of fun, party mood and rocking bonuses makes Party Bingo the talk of the town. Their new player reward scheme, loyalty programs, interoperatibility across devices and access to instant games are pulling players to party hard here.

Costa Bingo: The biggest win (of £5 million) ever paid to a bingo player was released by this giant bingo provider. What can be more eye catching than this. The weekends are more lucrative in the ‘Costa Crazy’ room.

The list of top online bingo sites is extensive each offering some unique features. Keep checking us for further updates and impartial reviews. Wish you lots of moolah in bingo!

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MP Tries His Hand at Bingo Calling

In the UK bingo halls are in real trouble. Fewer players attend games and while online bingo is thriving land based bingo halls are closing at the rate of one every month. The decline started in 2007 shortly after the imposition of a national smoking ban. Dozens of bingo halls were forced to close and hundreds of jobs were lost forever. Many bingo halls tried to attract young nonsmoking players but after modest gains the player base continued to decline. Even worse bingo halls in the UK are subject to a punitive tax regime. Despite bingo’s reputation as a ‘soft’ form of gambling bingo halls are taxed at a higher rate than other forms of gambling. Currently bingo halls pay a 20% tax while casinos and bookmakers pay a 15% tax.

Several MP’s have pledged to aid the bingo industry. Bolton North East MP David Crausby is one of those politicians and actually tried his hand at bingo calling. Crausby went to a Mecca bingo club to support the Boost Bingo campaign, a national program by the Bingo Association to persuade the government to lower taxes on bingo halls. Crausby was asked to call a game and the politician told reporters he took the game very seriously. Crausby stated “I used a couple of the famous expressions, but people take their bingo seriously, so I kept it simple and professional — and nobody was booing me, which is a plus. This is a campaign I am supporting, and I saw firsthand that bingo clubs are a safe and enjoyable place for people to go and have a nice time. It is not fair that bingo is charged at a higher rate of tax. We want these clubs to thrive. They are good employers and offer people the chance to socialise where they might not normally be able to — so that is why I am backing the campaign.”

Crausby said the club’s manager, Gary Taylor, offered him a job as a bingo caller if he lost his seat in Parliament. Crausby said “That was very nice of him, but I intend to win at the next election and keep my day job.” Taylor, who manages the Breightmet bingo hall, said “David was a real professional and he got a very good reception from the players — he has a good clear voice which is good for the job. We are also pleased that Mr. Crausby is backing the Boost Bingo campaign. He recognises that we are not asking for preferential treatment, we just want it to be a level playing field. Bingo clubs are such a valuable commodity for people and we need to keep them open.”

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Bill Drafted to Stop Online Gambling

Bingo is a rather innocuous game and most people consider bingo to be a ‘soft’ form of gambling. Bingo is a random game of chance and is relatively noncompetitive. Onkline bingo is sure to be legalized in several states in the near future. So far three states, Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have legalized online gambling. Many states are expected to legalize online gambling in 2014 and several Native American tribes are taking a closer look at online gambling including online bingo.

The states were able to legalize online gambling because of a 2011 interpretation of the 1961 Wire Act by the justice department. The department ruled that the act only prohibited sports betting. Not everyone is happy with the legalization of internet gambling. Some religious groups have voiced strong objections but the biggest, and most dangerous, opponent of online gambling is casino mogul Sheldon Adelson. Adelson has drafted a piece of legislation that would ban all forms of online gambling. The new bill is titled the Internet Gambling Control Act and would overturn the changes made to the wire act.

A draft of the bill has been published online and the proposed piece of legislation is in the final stages and will require some revisions. The bill will then be introduced to one of Adelson’s bought and paid for politicians. The draft of the bill clearly shows that Adelson is primarily concerned with poker and wants the Wire Act to be restored. The bill says that once the wire act is restored ‘Congress and the public’ will have time to explore the issues related to online gaming.

The issues include underage gambling, money laundering, ‘terrorism,’ fraud and cybercrimes. Adelson is actively trying to prevent more states from legalizing online gambling. Most experts believe Adelson’s efforts will be unsuccessful and during a congressional hearing committee members called Adelson’s minions ‘hypocrites.’ Adelson has hired lobbyists including former New York Governor Pataki. Former GOP ‘strategist’ Cheri Jacobus flooded Twitter with outlandish accusations and claims.

Adelson has formed an extremist group known as the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling. The group has been circulating a doctored version of an FBI letter on the dangers of internet gambling. Adelson has said he will spend whatever it takes to stop the expansion of online gambling. Many reputable journalists are ready to refute Adelson’s claims and treat them for what they really are-talking points.

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Charity Bingo Generates Big Bucks

In Texas the game of bingo is a big moneymaker for several charities, communities and fraternal organizations. The days of halls filled with blue heired ladies are over and today people of all ages play bingo. Online bingo has made the game popular among the young and many online bingo players regularly attend games held at local bingo halls. In Conroe Texas there are two bingo plrlors, Tejas Bingo on South Frazier and Mega Bingo on North Frazier.

Since the first charitable bingo license was issued in 1982 charitable bingo has had a positive effect for charities, players, and state, county and municipal governments in Texas. In Texas bingo is controlled by the Texas lottery commission. Gross receipts from charitable bingo totaled more than $16 billion according to the lottery commission. Prizes awarded have totaled about $11 billion and allocations to local communities have totaled about $262.9 million.

According to the Texas Lottery Commission’s website by the end of 2011 the amount of money distributed by charities reached about $1 billion. Earl Silver, who owns the building where Tejas Bingo is located told reporters “The City of Conroe has received over $800,000 in 11 years. That’s about $80,000 a year. Customers have won more than $65 million dollars.” Several Conroe charities benefit from the revenue generated by bingo. Charity sponsors at Tejas Bingo include Conroe Professional Firefighter’s Association Local # 2731, Body Ministries, Inc., and International Serving Hands of America, Inc. Silver stated “Our charities have made $2 million.”

Chris Matthews, the caller at Tejas Bingo says he enjoys his job in the bingo industry. Matthews said “I’ve been doing this for three years, I love it. It’s the entertainment business.” Young employees in their 20’s walk around the hall selling popular pull tab games. Tejas Bingo employee Clark Edward stated “Don’t give up on me, folks. I have things you want, things you need.” Pull tabs cost $1 and players have the chance to win $100-$500 if they get the right symbol on the tab. One patron told reporters “I call them rip-offs.”

Today’s games are computerized and small electronic devices can play up to 64 cards simultaneously. Matthews said “It does all the daubing for you and lets you know if you Bingo.” Players on Friday played 10 games and each game paid out $500. Players love the opportunity to get out of the house for an evening of fun and can contribute to good causes at the same time.

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5 Reasons to Take Your Bingo Mobile

5 Reasons to Take Your Bingo Mobile

bingo We can’t fight against it any longer. Whether we like it, or not, technology is creeping up on all of us, and this includes the bingo players.
 For as long as we can remember, bingo has been a game that is played inside a hall, with a community, a caller and a few little drinks on the way to a full house.
 Times are changing.
 Online bingo with operators like Unibet is booming and here are 5 reasons for its popularity.

1# The game can be played anywhere
 It’s the very essence of mobile.
 Waiting for that dentist to turn up? Standing in line at the airport? Waiting to get your hair blow-dried? Just turn on your mobile and fire up a game. It’s never been easier.

2# You reduce your costs
 No transportation costs, no greasy fish and chips and no bottles of wine. Now use all of that extra money to play a few more games of mobile bingo.

3# You can quit whenever you want
 Everyone has been stuck in a game that they cannot get out of. The bus leaves late, or you don’t want to let your friends down. With mobile bingo you can cut your losses whenever you feel like it.

4# It’s still a highly social experience
 A lot of people are put off by the thought of online bingo because they think it takes away the social element from the brick and mortar hall. Nothing could be further from the truth, as the social aspect of the mobile and desktop offerings are well preserved, because the mobile bingo creators know this is what you want.

5# It gets that brain working
 Playing on your mobile device for a short while each day will keep that brain active. It’s just like taking your mind to the gym.
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California Tribe Will Launch Online Bingo Site

Online gambling is here to stay in the United States and so far three states have legalized online games. Next year at least a dozen states are expected to join states where internet gambling is legal. Most states plan to focus on poker and casino games but one California tribe plans to offer online bingo. Many Native American tribes started their gaming operations with bingo. In fact, bingo is the reason tribal gaming is legal thanks to the Seminole tribe of Florida. In the 1980’s the Seminoles won a land mark court case that paved the way for other tribes to open their own brick and mortar gaming operations.

According to the Casino City’s Indian Gaming Industry Report tribal gaming operations in California generated $6.9 billion in 2011, 25% of the total tribal casino revenues nationwide. The report also said that 60 tribes in California gave the state $387 million. The Alturas Indian Rancheria Tribe in Northern California is ready to launch their online bingo site by the end of the year. The tribe has formed a partnership with a company known as Great Luck. Great Luck has developed a technology that is open to players throughout the US. The site also offers a mobile application.

Great Luck is headed by Native Americans from other tribes. The company unveiled the “first tribal online bingo site in the United States” at an event in Las Vegas last September. The site is currently available in a ‘free play’ format and the Alturas Indian Rancheria Tribe hopes to offer ‘real money’ bingo by the end of the year. Tribes using Great Luck’s system are counting on a VPN type technology called “Virtual Private Network Assisted Play System.” The system will make sure that players are located on the reservation virtually instead of physically.

When players register and are approved they are able to play via “proxy play.” The system connects players to servers located on tribal lands “thus ensuring that all actual game play is taking place within sovereign Indian lands.” The program will make sure all players are of legal age and are located in a state that allows class 2 gambling. The tribe is currently working on the legal challenges. Allison Clear Fastowof Blue Engine Media, on behalf of Great Luck told reporters “Great Luck has assembled a first-rate legal team with extensive experience in Tribal and non-Tribal gaming law, banking, and patent protection. Our customers can feel confident that they are participating in a legal gaming experience.”

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New Technologies Redefine Gambling

Gambling is one of the oldest human activities. Archaeological digs in several countries have found evidence of ancient gambling games. There are many gambling devices that date from the Roman Empire. In the 15th century the forerunner to today’s bingo games emerged. The game spread quickly throughout Europe and was particularly popular among the French aristocracy before the revolution. Today technological developments have made gambling more accessible to millions of players.

Once the internet was invented it was inevitable that gambling would go online at some point. The very first gambling sites offered poker and by the mid 90’s just about any casino game was available on the internet. The element of risk has always been a critical part of human nature because it makes us feel more alive. In the past the thrill of gambling was only available to those with the desire and resources to visit a land based casino. Nevada was the gambling capital west of the Mississippi and Atlantic City was the gambling capital east of the Mississippi. Several states have large tribal casinos.

The first countries to legalize online gambling were Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean. The region rapidly became a base for several online gaming companies. Today there is a thriving online gambling industry in Gibraltar, Malta and other European jurisdictions. The UK has a highly regulated and mature internet gaming market. The country has one of the largest and most active online bingo markets in the world and about 350 bingo sites target players in the UK. Unfortunately the United States took a prohibitionist approach to online gambling but despite the laws against gambling on the internet Americans spend about $4 billion a year at offshore gambling sites.

Things are changing in the US and so far three states have legalized internet gambling. Computer technology has ebabled gaming operators to offer an impressive array of variety of gambling options. Slots are one of the most popular online games and new technology enables slot developers to add features to their online slots that cannot be added to slots in brick and mortar casinos. Today most online gaming operators offer mobile applications. The new mobile options have attracted millions of young players. Online gambling does not carry the same social stigmas associated with casino gambling. The use of the latest technologies have redefined gambling and the technological advances just keep on coming!

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Retooled Internet Cafes in Florida Shut Down

Earlier this year a major political scandal erupted in Florida over the operation of internet cafes and a fake veteran’s charity. The scandal reached the highest levels of state government and Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll was forced to resign. Sixty people were charged and prosecutors said the veteran;s sharity was in reality a front for a $300 million a year gambling operation. The organization, Allied Veterans of the World, operated 50 internet cafes throughout Florida. The cafes featured computerized slot machine-style games which are legal in Florida if the proceeds go to charity.

Investigators and prosecutors say that the charity’s operators gave little to veterans and instead spent millions on themselves. They bought boats, beachfront condos and Maseratis, Ferraris and Porsches. Florida attorney general Pam Bondi called the scam “callous” and “despicable” and said the charity “insults every American who ever wore a military uniform.” The cafes were popular with senior citizens and many are unhappy that the cafes were closed. Several bingo halls in the state reported increased player numbers after the cafes were closed. Some former café players visited online bingo sites to play bingo and slots.

Recently a couple of cafes tried to make a comeback of sorts. Two new gambling parlors in Sarasota and Manatee counties closed after a visit by Sarasota County Sheriff’s deputies. A lawyer for Jack’s Bingo and More operations told reporters that employees at the Lockwood Ridge parlor were threatened with arrest if they refused to close. Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Wendy Rose said that deputies did not threaten employees. Rose said deputies were seeking financial records and that Jacks owner Ron Carabbia closed both locations when shown a subpoena.

The closures came a week after a local newspaper began an investigation of the gambling parlors and asked for a sheriff’s response to an article about the gambling operations. Carabbia’s legal predicament could have far reaching consequences for operators trying to reinvent an industry that was destroyed earlier this year. Carabbia offered a type of game known as “electronic pull tabs” and says the games are legal under Florida’s bingo law. Under the law proceeds are supposed to go to charity and Jacks Are Wild has partnered with two youth sports leagues.

Wolf said deputies visited the Lockwood Ridge Jacks and told employees that they would be arrested if they did not close. Wolf said he is trying to “see exactly what it is they have a problem with.”

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‘Future Shock’ and Online Bingo

In college we had to read a book titled ‘Future Shock’ by Alvin Toffler. The author thought societies were suffering from ‘too much change in too short a period of time.’ The book became a best seller and was popular with sociology professors. The book was written in 1970 and the internet and personal computers have not yet been created. Toffler looked at the technology and media of 1970 and painted a bleak picture of the future.

Today technology is more ubiquitous than Toffler could have predicted. Instead of harming societies technology has enhanced our lives and made things easier. We have not been isolated by technology as Toffler predicted and the global nature of the internet has given users the chance to interact directly with other cultures. The internet has changed the way people do business, gather news and information and play games. Basically people have the sum total of human knowledge at their fingertips. To survive in today’s world it is necessary to be computer literate.

It was probably inevitable that gambling would go online. In the 90’s poker sites appeared and in the mid and late 90’s several online bingo sites were launched. Poker was an instant hit and many players made a decent living playing online. Internet bingo became particularly popular in Great Britain. The game has been popular in Britain for decades and is considered an integral part of British culture. In 2004 there were about twenty online bingo sites and today there are over 350 and most of them target a British audience. Industry growth has been rapid and a new technology has been added to the mix.

Gambling on mobile devices is a relatively recent phenomenon. A new report by Juniper research predicts the number of mobile gamblers will more than double during the next two years.  In the online bingo industry most of the recent growth has been driven by the use of smartphones and other mobile devices. There were technical difficulties which were quickly overcome and today some online bingo sites say that over half of all players registered using a mobile device and play exclusively with mobile devices. Given the rapid pace of technological development it would be interesting to see what Mr. Toffler would say about our computerized world.

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Online Bingo-One of the Best Bargains on the Internet

If you are a fan of online games then bingo sites would be a good choice. Bingo is easily one of the most affordable games on the internet. Most bingo cards are priced between 50 cents and a dollar. The bonuses offered by bingo sites make the game even more affordable. Most online bingo sites award new players a very generous first deposit bonus. Bonuses of 500% and more are the norm and most online bingo sites award bonuses for every deposit made. Of course the bonuses cannot be withdrawn but they can be used to play dozens of bingo games. Some sites allow players to use bonuses to play side games but most do not. Most bingo sites have very low minimum deposit requirements.

One of the most attractive features of online bingo sites are chat rooms. Chat rooms are the place where players meet. New players are always welcome and most players are glad to answer questions. Online bingo players pride themselves on their sense of community. Some sites actually arrange for real life meetings of players. In the UK one popular bingo site holds annual meetings so players that met in the chat rooms have a chance to meet their bingo friends in real time. Socialization is just as important to online bingo players as it is to land based bingo players.

In addition to bingo most online bingo sites offer an extensive selection of side games. These include poker, blackjack, roulette, keno, pull tabs, slots and other casino and table games. At some sites slots are part of a network and can have huge jackpots. Loyal players are rewarded at most sites. Loyal players receive special bonuses and promotions in addition to loyalty points. High rollers can expect the red carpet treatment at online bingo sites. Some sites have membership levels like gold, platinum and the like.

Bingo sites offer different types of bingo games. In the UK, Australia and New Zealand 90 ball bingo is the game of choice. In the US and Canada 75 ball bingo is the most popular game. Many sites also offer 80 and 30 ball bingo games. Many 75 ball games use special card patterns but this is not possible with 90 ball bingo because of the way the card grid is designed. Online bingo players can use the auto daub feature to avoid mistakes and chat with other players. Clearly online bingo sites have a lot to offer players.

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