Charity Bingo Generates Big Bucks

In Texas the game of bingo is a big moneymaker for several charities, communities and fraternal organizations. The days of halls filled with blue heired ladies are over and today people of all ages play bingo. Online bingo has made the game popular among the young and many online bingo players regularly attend games held at local bingo halls. In Conroe Texas there are two bingo plrlors, Tejas Bingo on South Frazier and Mega Bingo on North Frazier.

Since the first charitable bingo license was issued in 1982 charitable bingo has had a positive effect for charities, players, and state, county and municipal governments in Texas. In Texas bingo is controlled by the Texas lottery commission. Gross receipts from charitable bingo totaled more than $16 billion according to the lottery commission. Prizes awarded have totaled about $11 billion and allocations to local communities have totaled about $262.9 million.

According to the Texas Lottery Commission’s website by the end of 2011 the amount of money distributed by charities reached about $1 billion. Earl Silver, who owns the building where Tejas Bingo is located told reporters “The City of Conroe has received over $800,000 in 11 years. That’s about $80,000 a year. Customers have won more than $65 million dollars.” Several Conroe charities benefit from the revenue generated by bingo. Charity sponsors at Tejas Bingo include Conroe Professional Firefighter’s Association Local # 2731, Body Ministries, Inc., and International Serving Hands of America, Inc. Silver stated “Our charities have made $2 million.”

Chris Matthews, the caller at Tejas Bingo says he enjoys his job in the bingo industry. Matthews said “I’ve been doing this for three years, I love it. It’s the entertainment business.” Young employees in their 20’s walk around the hall selling popular pull tab games. Tejas Bingo employee Clark Edward stated “Don’t give up on me, folks. I have things you want, things you need.” Pull tabs cost $1 and players have the chance to win $100-$500 if they get the right symbol on the tab. One patron told reporters “I call them rip-offs.”

Today’s games are computerized and small electronic devices can play up to 64 cards simultaneously. Matthews said “It does all the daubing for you and lets you know if you Bingo.” Players on Friday played 10 games and each game paid out $500. Players love the opportunity to get out of the house for an evening of fun and can contribute to good causes at the same time.

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