Chat Room Behavior

Online bingo is a very enjoyable, and sometimes profitable, pastime for millions of players around the world. Most online bingo sites feature chat rooms in different bingo rooms where players meet and socialize much like they would do at a traditional bingo club. Of course these are standards of behavior that players are expected to adhere to while participating in a chat room.

Obviously online bingo game players should demonstrate good sportsmanship, converse in a civil manner, and avoid the use of vulgar and insulting language. Most chat rooms have a moderator to make sure certain standards are kept and that the chat room experience is pleasant.

Good sportsmanship

It is considered bad form to brag about winnings and boastful behavior is a big no no. Remember online bingo is a game of chance and no one really has superior playing skills—just pure luck. If you are losing, demonstrating resentment towards other who may be winning makes the chat room an unpleasant place to be. Jealousy is not an admirable emotion and should be avoided.

Other Peoples and Cultures

Remember that the internet is global and while playing at an online bingo site players are very likely to encounter people of other cultures. What may be said in fun in one culture can be a serious insult in another. Try not to use offensive language, use common sense and courtesy. Interacting with a player from another culture can be an enriching experience.

Adult Chat Rooms

Some online bingo websites offer games with risqué themes. Obviously the chat rooms for these kinds of games will have looser standards than regular chat rooms. People have made the choice to be in an adult chat room so players who are easily offended should avoid adult chat rooms. One website, BingoHouse, has a bingo room called the ‘Desperate Lounge’ and the conversation in the chat room can get pretty spicy at times. Sexual innuendos are acceptable in most adult chat rooms.

Other Annoying Behavior

Some people use capital letters which is considered shouting by chat room moderators. Do not use all caps unless you are trying to make a specific point. Spamming a chat room will get a player banned quicker than almost anything else. People are in the chat room for conversation, not advertisements.

Chat rooms add to the enjoyment of online bingo. One ill tempered player can ruin a chat room for other players. Use common sense, treat others as you would want to be treated and enjoy your time spent playing online bingo.

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