Chat Room Moderators Keep Online Bingo Fun

Most online bingo sites have realized that good chat room monitors are worth their weight in gold. Chat room moderators are individuals employed by internet bingo sites to monitor the conversations in the chat room and make sure that everything goes smoothly. Occasionally a chat moderator’s job is unpleasant and they have to deal with aggressive and obnoxious players. The job of a chat room moderator may seem simple and easy to some but nothing could be further from the truth.

Chat moderators must welcome new players to bingo sites and must also engage in conversations with all players, answer any questions and keep conversations civil. A good chat leader knows how to do all those things while all the while keeping the games fun for everyone. The chat room moderator must stay in front of the computer at all times which is not an easy task after several hours on the job. Chat moderators at online bingo sites must enforce a largely unwritten code of etiquette. Although chat room rules are posted at most online bingo sites there are other rules that are not stated but have become customary.

Most of the rules in a chat room are based on civil behavior and common sense. Players cannot use profanity, insult each other, and attempt to borrow money from other players. People who play bingo online and violate the rules will quickly be asked to leave the chat room and will usually forfeit any money spent on bingo cards for that particular game. Gossip can be popular at bingo site chat rooms. Chat room moderators have to be very careful about gossip. If the conversation turns nasty it is the job of the CM to end the conversation.

Typically chat room rules will include a ban on the use of Caps which is considered rude, a rule against a player promoting another bingo site, limited use of font colors, and a ban on the posting of any player’s personal information. Chat moderators have become so valuable to the online bingo industry that every year several CM’s win awards provided by various bingo news and bingo review websites. In the UK these award contests are very popular and the competition is keen. Players across the country will vote for their favorite chat room moderator. Online bingo sites with several chat moderators will hold a site wide contest for the most popular chat leader. Chat moderators earn every penny they make and are worth their weight in gold!

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