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bingoballsThis year there has been nothing but bad news for land based bingo halls in both the UK and the Unites States. A dismal economy coupled with draconian smoking bans passed in both countries has all but emptied bingo halls on both sides of the Atlantic. In the US where bingo is traditionally used as a charitable fundraising device, many charities now find themselves underfunded and unable to provide services.

The combination of a bad economy and smoking bans has sent many land based bingo players to online bingo sites. Many of these new online players have minimal computer skills or are older and wary of conducting business online. There are many questions these new players have and hopefully this article will answer many of those questions. These are some of the things a new online bingo player should look for—

It is always advisable to check the licensing of a website and find out where the site is licensed. In you are a player from the US it is wise to check to see if US players are accepted. Because of the draconian Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 many online bingo game sites do not accept US players. It is also wise to check how long the site has been in operation, the longer, the better.

Check the deposit and sign up bonuses. Most online bingo sites have substantial sign up and deposit bonuses available. These will vary from site to site and players should shop around to find the best bonuses. Most of these bonuses come with conditions so it is best to read the fine print.

Check the security certificate of the site. An online bingo website with a security certificate from a legitimate security organization guarantees that online transactions will be safe and secure. Be sure to check the legitimacy of the licensing company, there have been cases of fake organizations issuing security certificates.

Check out the customer support. Is it available 24/7? Does the site respond to inquiries promptly? What are the modes of support, email, phone, or online?

Ease of use or user friendliness is important to a new online bingo player. Many new players are older and do not have the computer skills their younger counterparts have.

Most people play bingo for the money so new players should check out the jackpots available on the different websites. Also check out what the average payout is.

Many sites have different withdrawal policies. Be sure to read all the fine print as some of the withdrawal policies can be very restrictive.

Take a look at the chat rooms. They should be well monitored, friendly, and easy to use. The internet is global so new players may find themselves chatting with players from the other side of the globe.

These are a few of the things new online bingo players should think about when considering a website. Checking these things out will ensure that new players will have a safe and pleasant experience playing online bingo.

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