Classic Slots Still Popular at Bingo Sites

In the last decade slot game technology has swiftly evolved and today game developers are able to provide players with casino quality games. Slots have always been popular at online bingo sites and today thanks to software advances they are more popular than ever at most bingo sites. Many major bingo sites have their own proprietary slot games created specifically for them. Some bingo sites offer players hundreds of slot games. One bingo site reported that 40% of gross revenues came from online slot games.

At some bingo sites classic three reel slot games are giving some of the newer slot games a run for their money. Classic three reel slots are holding their own and remain popular. In the UK three reel slots are found in pubs, bingo halls and casinos across the country. Classic slots like Cleopatra and Kitty Glitter are two of the most popular games with online and land based bingo players. One recent survey showed that most bingo players preferred three reel classic slot games. Many slots at bingo sites were specifically designed to appeal to female players that comprise a majority of players at bingo sites. Many female players said they did not like arcade style slots and preferred classic style slot games at bingo sites. Some bingo sites offer players free slot games and slot tournaments are common at most bingo sites.

Even better several slot games offer players huge jackpots. Progressive jackpot slot games are provided by several bingo networks and the jackpots can get huge. Several players indicated a preference for five reel multi payline slots. Most five reel slot games feature scatters, bonus rounds and free spins. Most slot games are created with men in mind but the success of slot games such as ‘Sex in the City’ has game developers rethinking their strategy and designing more slots targeting a female audience. At the present time Sex and the City is only available in land based casinos but many expect an online version to be released later in the year. Many in the industry say that this year several ‘female friendly’ slot games will most likely appear at several bingo sites.

Slot games have been a popular diversion at bingo sites for years and are becoming more popular every year. Thanks to new flash technology developments slot game developers are now able to provide players with new games with amazing graphics and unheard of interactive features.

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