Common Bingo Myths

118mythsOnline and mobile bingo are quietly becoming one of the most popular pastimes for men and women in the UK. Statistics show that slightly over 80% of all online and mobile bingo players are women but recently more men have started to play. Many men that wouldn’t be caught dead in a bingo hall feel comfortable playing online bingo. Bingo is no longer exclusively a game for pensioners and the average of the typical online bingo player is 38. Mobile bingo has attracted a much younger audience. There are several myths surrounding online bingo; most of them untrue.

Some people actually believe playing online bingo is not safe. Like any form of internet activity safety is a concern. Many worry about identity theft and hackers. Others worry about malware infections, viruses and Trojans. Fortunately criminality is extremely rare in the online bingo sector. The business is highly competitive and gaining a bad reputation could put an operator out of business in a matter of days. Online bingo operators are doing everything they can to make their sites safe and secure. Most use state of the art security software that is constantly being updated to keep abreast of the latest internet threats.

Some people believe that some online bingo operators use robot players that win all of the prizes. Online bingo operators know that any sketchy activity will cost them business and could possible put them out of business altogether. Online bingo games are for humans only and no bots are allowed.

Some believe that online bingo is not a social activity and is really a solitary pursuit. This is one of the biggest myths surrounding online and mobile bingo. In fact online bingo games are actually more social than games at High Street bingo halls. In live bingo halls all talking and socializing ceases once the games begin. Talking during a game can get a player kicked out of a bingo hall. Online bingo operators encourage players to chat during games and players using the auto daub feature available at most bingo sites can chat away while the auto daub feature marks their cards.

Many people still believe bingo is only for older people. This may be partially true when it comes to live bingo halls but most online and mobile bingo players are in their 20’s or 30’s. Online and mobile bingo have introduced the game to a new generation of bingo players ensuring the game’s survival well into the future.

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