Danish Campers Win Vacation Playing Online Bingo at Campground

A recent article details the way a Danish couple spent their summer holiday at a campground with their children. The female half of the couple took advantage of the wireless internet provided by the campground and decided to play a few games of online bingo. Soon the Kroner accumulated and soon the couple had won enough money to finance a winter vacation far from the cold of Scandinavia. The woman said she played for about two hours each day during their two week vacation.  The woman said that at the end of the two week vacation she had won 12,000 kroner. ($2,040.06 USD) Other campers joined in the fun once they heard about the woman’s lucrative hobby. Many of the campground players still stay in contact via bingo chat rooms.  The woman says she intends to play more bingo during next year’s vacation.

The above story illustrates the fact that not only is bingo fun, it can also be lucrative. Bingo can be played anywhere there is a cell phone signal or wireless internet connection. Today most campgrounds in Europe provide wireless connections and in the US many campgrounds also offer wireless access. It is a common sight to see people who play bingo online in parks, on trains and busses and at internet cafes.  An online bingo game can now be played using laptops, smart phones, RDF’s, netbooks and any other device that provides internet access. Many experts predict that in the very near future internet access will be available almost everywhere. Imagine playing at online bingo sites in the cold continent of Antarctica. One website reports that internet shopping has already hit Antarctica and online bingo is sure to follow.

Recently the online bingo industry expanded into new markets including Spain and Scandinavia which is probably why the Danish campers were able to play and win their next vacation. In the very near future we will probably read about big online bingo wins from exotic and remote locations around the world.

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