Different Card Pattern Types

There are many benefits enjoyed by online bingo players. Online bingo players usually have a larger number of games to choose from and most online bingo sites offer several bingo game variants. Most sites offer traditional 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo which is popular in Great Britain and Europe. 75 ball bingo games allow bingo operators to use a wide variety of special card patterns. For example the Christmas tree pattern is especially popular during the winter holiday season. Here are a few of the most common bingo game card patterns.

Most bingo players are very familiar with line games. Most players who have played the home version of the game should be familiar with line games. In fact when most people think of bingo they think of line games. A line game requires a player to fill in all the squares on a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. In most cases players can make use of the free square in the middle of the card when playing line games. Line games are the most common bingo games.

Shape bingo games allow operators to get really creative. When playing a shape bingo game players will be given a specific shape to be used as a card pattern before the game begins. Players may be asked to just about any shape possible and the variety of possible shaped that can be used makes shape games some of the most popular online bingo games. Players may be required to make an ‘X’, an arrow, a tree, an airplane and just about any other shape that will fit on a bingo card. During the recent Diamond Jubilee celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s 60th year on the throne a crown pattern was used by a few online bingo operators.

Letter games are also very popular with online bingo players. As the name implies players are required to form a letter on their bingo card to win. Since there are twenty six letters in the English alphabet there are twenty six possible card patterns for letter bingo games.

Players looking for variety should always check out the different bingo sites and look for online bingo sites that offer the most varied games. Players that sign up at a site that gives them lots of choices there will always be a unique and exciting game going on. Players should be sure to check out the tournaments that are offered. Many tournament games use special patterns and some of them can be challenging. Tournaments also give players the chance to win some serious cash too!

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