DOJ Does U Turn on Internet Gambling

Online bingo players got one of the best Christmas gifts possible from the US Justice Department. The DOJ has long used the federal Wire Act of 1961 to back up their position against online gambling. In a memo the DOJ changed its interpretation of the wire act and says it only prohibits sports betting. U.S. Deputy Attorney General James Cole wrote in a letter “The Department’s Office of Legal Counsel (“OLC”) has analyzed the scope of the Wire Act, 18 U.S.c § 1084, and concluded that it is limited only to sports betting.” The new interpretation may open the door for online lottery ticket sales and online slots, bingo,  poker and other forms of gambling.

For gamblers in the United States the action is long overdue. Currently American players have been forced to use less than reputable offshore websites to play their favorite games. Many industry experts believe that the DOJ memo could lead to legalization and regulation of online bingo and gambling. In today’s troubled economic climate it makes a lot of sense to reverse the outdated law that was passed in 1961 when the internet did not exist. The wire act did not anticipate the development of personal computers and the World Wide Web.
Since this year is a major election year in the United States some experts expect fierce opposition to any attempt to legalize online gambling. Religious groups and many conservatives are against gambling legalization of any kind. Despite the expected opposition most gaming experts believe that full legalization and regulation of online gambling is inevitable. The American Gaming Association which represents the interests of gaming operators and gaming equipment manufacturers says that federal legislation is needed. The organization stated “The Department of Justice’s interpretation regarding the scope of the federal Wire Act validates the urgent need for federal legislation to curb what will now be a proliferation of domestic and foreign, unlicensed and unregulated gaming websites without consistent regulatory standards and safeguards against fraud, underage gambling and money laundering.”

Several gaming companies have already applied for licenses in Nevada to operate online poker games. Caesar’s Entertainment and Boyd Gaming have already applied for licenses in anticipation of legalization. Several states have announced plans to offer online games to residents. In New Jersey one state senator has promised to submit a bill to Governor Christie by next week. Hopefully the DOJ position will clear the way for Americans to enjoy their favorite online games without government interference.

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