Expert Says Online Gambling is the “Wave of the Future”

The 16th annual East Coast Gaming Congress took place in Atlantic City on May 16th and 17th. The congress features proven leaders in the gaming industry and panel discussions by experts and politicians. The conference invites industry leaders to “share ideas, express concerns and articulate visions.” This year the legalization of online gambling in the United States was a hot topic at the gathering. Richard Bronson, the chairman of turnkey supplier US Digital Gaming, said that he believes that the US congress is too badly divided to enact any legislation dealing with online gaming. Gridlock in Washington has been a sore point for just about everyone. Bronson stated “In a Congress that can’t agree on what day it is, the thought that they’re going to agree to put casino gambling in every living room in America is ridiculous.” One proposed federal law would legalize poker but games kike online bingo and slots would remain illegal.

Bronson says that he believes that the only way to legalize online gambling is for individual states to pass their own set of laws regulating online gambling. Bronson predicted that one or two states will have legalized online gambling by the end of this year. Bronson said that New Jersey will probably be the first state to legalize online gambling. Bronson also told the audience that legalized online gambling has considerable commercial potential. Last year 40 million people visited Las Vegas but every five days 40 million people log into their Facebook accounts. Bronson said that it is stupid to let such an opportunity go untapped.

New Jersey State Senator Ray Lesniak was one of the speakers at the conference. Lesniak sponsored a bill that is currently moving through the New Jersey assembly that will legalize online gambling in the state. Lesniak said that last year’s veto of an online gambling bill by Governor Christie has cost New Jersey plenty. Lesniak stated “We lost a whole year and hundreds of millions of dollars that could have been coming in to our casinos in Atlantic City.” Eugene Johnson, from Spectrum Gaming consultancy, said that several gaming companies are preparing for legalization. Johnson said his company has been approached by European online gaming operators, US gaming companies, Native American tribes and some state lotteries. Johnson said that online gambling is “the wave of the future” and told attendees that “If you don’t evolve with the future, you’re going to be left behind.”

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