Experts Say iPad Mini Will Be Good For Gaming

Gaming industry experts say that the new Apple iPad mini will be good for online gambling. The new device expands the audience to new types of players and will be more comfortable in the hands of players. The new iPad mini fits easily into purses, man bags and pockets which will help the device reach a larger audience. Doug Scott, vice president of marketing and revenue at DeNA’s Ngmoco game division, is enthusiastic about the new device and stated “We see a bunch of things that are good for gamers here. It’s backward compatible with iPad software. And any time that Apple jumps into a market, it legitimizes it and brings a lot of attention to that device type. There will be a rising tide for mini tablets, and that will drive awareness for gamers who might not have considered a tablet.”

The new mini has a 7.9-inch, 1,024 x 768-pixel display and an older A5 processor. Overall the iPad has been good for gaming. The iPad accounts for 27% of IOS traffic. The iPhone accounts for 56% of traffic and the iPod Touch is responsible for 17%. Apple said that the company’s Game Center discovery platform now has 160 million users. Most gaming experts say those numbers will increase because of the new mini. The new mini has many capabilities and Steve Allison, senior vice president at game publisher Telltale Games, told reporters “Since it’s effectively an iPad 2 under the hood the iPad Mini represents the first touch screen tablet in the 7-inch range that can actually run 3D games with any true competency – it should push user behavior to playing games ahead of e-reading and movie watching on these tablets for the first time.”

Online bingo fans can now access and play their favorite online bingo games on the mini. Screen resolution problems have been resolved. The only drawback for many players is its price; a cool $329. Some believe that eventually Apple will lower the price to gain more market share. Game developers are also excited about the iPad mini. Kyu Lee, head of the North American division at mobile game publisher Gamevil, told reporters “We see the iPad mini as a lower-cost, lightweight alternative to the iPad that will showcase our 3D games in spectacular fashion.” For online bingo players who want to play a quick game on their lunch hour or on a break the new iPad mini is a Godsend. It offers portability and convenience and provides a high quality gaming experience.



Jeff Davis

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