Experts Say Online Gaming Benefits Land Based Gaming Operations

A recent gaming conference in Las Vegas has looked at whether internet gambling is a form of competition to land based gaming operations or a benefit. At the event several experts said that internet gambling has the potential to enhance land based gaming. They also suggested that online gaming operations are not a threat that could seriously harm the land based casinos. Three industry experts said that if the United States legalized online gambling it would provide land based casino operators with a much larger customer base.

In Great Britain the land based bingo industry has seen a recent increase in the number of players attending games at bingo halls. Many credit online bingo for the increase in the number of younger players at bingo halls. A majority of internet bingo players also attend live bingo games and many younger players were first introduced to the online bingo game. It is clear that in many cases online gaming can benefit live casino operations.

Gaming experts at the conference included Jan Jones of Caesars Entertainment, Doug Dalton of Bellagio and Art Manteris of Station Casinos. The trio addressed the 300 delegates attending the iGaming North America conference. Jones said that the average gambling customer is about 50 years old and that the new generation of gamblers makes all of their gaming decisions on the internet. Jones went on to say that most younger players congregate online and make most of their entertainment choices on the internet. Jones said that if the gaming industry does not establish an internet presence they will lose potential players to other forms of entertainment.

Jones pointed out the newspaper industry, record stores and bookstores are examples of businesses that failed to take advantage of the internet and suffered financial losses as a result. Mark Tenner, the president of the Consultants Concept Development Group, pointed out that 11 years ago about 250,000 people played online poker and that today there are about 65 million online poker players. Steve Rittvo, the chairman of The Innovation Group said that the poker market would double in five years if the US legalized online gambling. Vahe Baloulian the CEO of Red Planet Marketing in Austria said that European gambling markets had grown as a result of television instructing potential players how to play various gambling games.

In the UK internet bingo has not had an adverse effect on live bingo clubs. In fact internet bingo has created a whole new generation of younger players. UK bingo clubs are starting to recover from the disastrous effects of the national smoking ban and some experts suggest that internet bingo may be partially responsible for the recent surge in players.

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