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Most bingo players prefer a nice safe bingo hall or an online bingo site for their games. Most bingo players are female and are not big fans of extreme sports. In the past some bingo fanatics have combined their love for the game with some pretty extreme sports to create extreme bingo! Recently six bingo team members from Mecca Sale and Rochdale took part in some very extreme bingo games. The bingo games took place in the shark tank at the Blue Planet Aquarium, Ellesmere Port, and the game proceeds went to the Marie Curie charity which sponsors cancer research and aids cancer victims. Mike Sime, a Mecca bingo manager told reporters “All our clubs have been challenged to come up with an Extreme Bingo scenario and both the Rochdale and Sale clubs have gone above and beyond to raise money for such a worthy cause.” The games raised more than £15,000 for Marie Curie.

In 2009 several hard core bingo players chose the ‘top of the world’ as the place to hold their bingo games. The games took place on the world’s highest mountain, Mt. Everest. The group of players had the goal of raising £100,000 for the Sue Ryder charity. Many of the players trained for several months to get in shape for the high altitude games. Patrick Kings one of the players and trained for over a year to prepare for the games. King stated “It’s simply unbelievable to have been part of a world record-setting team. Despite all the hardships that I endured on the way to Everest Base Camp, the trek was a once-in-a-lifetime challenge and it’s great to finally be able to say that I’ve trekked to the top of the world and set a new record for Britain’s favourite game.” Huw Thomas also present at the Mt. Everest bingo games and said “The other trekkers at Base Camp simply couldn’t believe it when we started pulling out the calling cards, dabbers and bingo balls at 17,500 ft. for the record attempt – we’re sure that they thought we had altitude sickness.”

Many skydivers have managed to combine their extreme sport with bingo. In 2005 members of the Atlanta Skydiving Center set up a bingo grid at a local golf course. The players then chose a numbered grid and attempted to land on that particular square. Amazingly most of the sky divers managed to hit their targeted square. The event was organized to raise money for a local animal shelter. For those of us who are less adventurous a trip to a local bingo hall of a game of online bingo will have to suffice.

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