Extremists Shut Down Arkansas Bingo Game For Seniors

Like many seniors Joyce Landers of Bald Knob Arkansas has a set routine. Every Tuesday she packs some snacks and lucky daubers and heads out to an old fire station that is now a senior citizens center. Landers has been playing bingo at the center for years and like many players has her ‘lucky’ table. Unfortunately, thanks to some local bluenoses the games are coming to an end.

The small town of Bald Knob has about 3,000 residents and the town council has decided to rid the town of gambling eliminating the only bingo game in town. Bald Knob is the first town to ban bingo since the state of Arkansas legalized charitable gambling six years ago. ‘Religious’ leaders and some local bluenoses lobbied the town council to cleanse the small community of all gambling including bingo. The town council bowed to pressure and unanimously voted to ban the bingo games. Landers, who is justifiably upset, told reporters “We don’t have nowhere to go and it’s an enjoyment for us.” Bald Knob Mayor Doyle Wallace said that he has received complaints from ‘concerned’ citizens about the bingo games which are run by the White County Aging Program.

Bald Knob’s bingo ban comes at a time then many states are considering the legalization of gambling to address budget woes. Some states plan to offer online bingo and other casino games to residents. Casinos have proliferated across the country as cash strapped states look for ways to generate new revenue streams. In the Bald Knob senior center the rattle of an old fashioned bingo machine drowned out most sounds except the thuds of bingo daubers hitting cards. Players can view the numbers that have been called on a big screen television in the front of the bingo hall. Landers attends games accompanied by her granddaughter who is pregnant with Landers’s 28th great-grandchild. The pair is usually well stocked with snacks carried in Landers’s custom made bingo bag.

A nonprofit county program for seniors started the games. The protests started soon after and a group of self-righteous seniors who disapprove of gambling stopped attending daily activities in protest. Viola Moore is one of the protestors and is typical of those who want to impose their beliefs on everyone. Moore stated “This is a ‘Christian ‘community and we don’t go along with certain things. I was there when we had the (council) meeting and I said ‘Hallelujah.” Thanks to this tiny group of extremists a majority of seniors in the Bald Knob area will have to find bingo games elsewhere. Online bingo would be a good option for Bald Knob seniors.

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