Facebook Bingo Ban Still in Place

Facebook is probably the most popular social networking website with over 500 million active users. Users may create personal pages, join common interest groups and exchange messages. Facebook was launched in 2004 and has made its creator Mark Zuckerberg a billionaire. Marketers quickly discovered the power of Facebook and the site has had a profound effect on internet marketing efforts. There are several Facebook pages devoted to online bingo and many bingo sites have set up their own Facebook pages. Since both Facebook and online bingo serve a younger demographic the match has been profitable.

In 2009 Facebook made the astounding decision that online bingo advertising was somehow ‘morally unacceptable’. Online bingo is now in the same blacklist as guns, tobacco products, pharmaceuticals and spy cameras. In countries like the UK where online bingo is perfectly legal and sanctioned by the government the ban will have a severe impact on marketing efforts by internet bingo providers. Most believe the problem stems from US legislation passed in 2006 that bans banks and financial institutions from processing gambling related transactions. In addition extremely vague regulations have been used against executives of online payment providers like Neteller. Another problem is that anyone over the age of 13 can use Facebook bringing up the concern about underage gambling.

Some look at the Facebook bingo ban as a setback for internet freedom. Despite the Obama administration’s claim that they are all for internet freedom they have taken little action regarding internet freedom and have actually stepped up attacks on internet gaming which is puzzling since Obama prides himself on being a skilled poker player. To be fair Facebook has not singled out online bingo but has banned all online gambling advertising.

For many bingo providers advertising on Facebook has been highly successful and cost effective. Many bingo marketers set up Facebook pages with great success in attracting players. Just about every bingo site had its own Facebook page. Despite the Facebook ban there are still several places bingo fans can go to read all the latest bingo news, information and find the best bingo promotions. Despite the bans Facebook continues to prosper but there are still concerns over internet censorship. Many believe that should US law change Facebook may loosen their stance about online bingo game advertising. At present bingo fans can still set up common interest pages and discuss all the different aspects of online bingo.

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