Facebook Changes Policies on Internet Gambling Ads

Back in August the popular social networking site Facebook announced some changes to their advertising policies. Previously advertisements for online gambling were banned due to draconian internet gambling legislation in the United States. The new advertisement guidelines were adopted and allow individuals and companies to advertise contests, sweepstakes and other gambling related services. The new rules specifically ban any gambling advertisements targeting gamblers in the US. All gambling ads must be approved by Facebook.

The new Facebook ads are not cheap. The ads cost $30,000 per month! Obviously only major players in the online bingo and gaming industry will be able to afford Facebook’s high prices. On the other hand investing in Facebook ads could be very profitable given the fact that Facebook has over 800 million active users worldwide.  Historically there has always been a need for advertising. In the past advertisers used print media and signs. Technology advances and businesses advertised on radio and television. One the internet was launched businesses were quick to see the potential of online advertising. Today there are several agencies that specialize exclusively in online advertising and the industry generates billions every year. By and large internet advertising is cost effective and affordable for most businesses.

Facebook’s new guidelines prohibit ads from targeting players in countries where online gambling is illegal. Land based gambling operations can still post advertisements without the prior approval of Facebook. In order to purchase online gambling ads on Facebook the gaming company must purchase a special advertising package from Facebook. As has been mentioned the minimum monthly advertising budget must be at least $30,000. Unofficial lotteries will also have to adhere to the same set of regulations as online gambling companies. Government lotteries can post ads without a review by Facebook.

Facebook has imposed the strict regulations to avoid trouble with government agencies. In a statement Facebook said ”All ads that facilitate or promote online gambling, lotteries, sports booking, poker, blackjack,  bingo, and all other games of skill and chance are only allowed in those countries that have authorization from Facebook.” The change in rules will likely create a profitable revenue stream for Facebook.  Some gaming experts say that promoting online bingo and casinos on Facebook is bound to increase sales in Europe and Asia. Target marketing has been highly successful on the internet and Facebook has given online gaming companies the perfect opportunity to penetrate new gaming markets around the world.

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