Facebook Showcases Bingo Blitz

Online bingo has really hit the big time! Buffalo Studios’ Bingo Blitz was spotlighted on Facebook’s blog. The blog article explained hos the online bingo game’s use of Facebook features has helped the game become one of the most popular on the social networking site and iOS and Android. According to Facebook’s blog 80% of Bingo Blitz’s mobile revenue is generated by players who have logged on using Facebook Connect. Players logging on using Facebook Connect are spending three times more than other players and also play twice as much as other players.

Facebook said that Bingo Blitz has seen ‘likes’ and comments increase by 20% and unique clicks to the popular bingo games are up a whopping 500%! The use of Facebook’s application subscription payment model has prompted 85% of Bingo Blitz players to return to the site daily to collect rewards and win prizes. In the developer blog post Facebook stated “Consistent gaming experience across platforms: Bingo Blitz uses Facebook to connect players and give them a consistent user experience on all devices. People will soon be able to find and invite friends on any device. Also, people who start playing on the desktop can switch to playing on their mobile device.”

Adopting Facebook’s unique features and providing fresh content has kept about 25% of the games users playing for over a year. Buffalo Studios vice president of studio operations Brooke Olson said the key to keeping long term players is to integrate Facebook on all available platforms. By taking this action developers are able to provide players with “a connected game experience to players who use multiple devices or want to play with friends on different platforms.”

An independent tracking service showed that Bingo Blitz is benefiting from the integration of new features on Facebook. The game’s traffic fell after the numbers peaked in February 2012. In February the game had 3.7 million monthly active users and 1.1 million daily active users.  Traffic continued to decline until September when the numbers started to turn around. Now the game is up to 2.7 million monthly active users and 1.1 million daily active users. Making connection easy for mobile users has kept Bingo Blitz’s players more engaged.  Bingo Blitz is also driving player retention using subscriptions. According to Facebook the game makes more money by offering a monthly subscription service for players.

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