Facebook to Allow Online Bingo Ads

Facebook is the world’s largest social networking service and currently has 750 million active users. For marketers Facebook has been a gold mine and has been a great tool for reaching consumers directly. Until recently Facebook did not allow gambling ads or services of any kind but all that has changed. Facebook has relaxed the rules for 18 markets outside the United States. Not online bingo and poker sites and lottery commissions will be able to launch non gambling applications. A recent post on Facebook’s site stated “we now allow the promotion of offline casinos or other legal gambling establishments provided the ads are appropriately targeted. We continue to prohibit the promotion of online gambling in the US, but may allow ads for online gambling and games of skill in other countries with our prior authorization.”

Online Bingo Rules Relaxed

The relaxation of rules by Facebook means that online bingo operators will no longer have to obtain Facebook permission for status updates and the cap on the number updates an online bingo brand could post has been lifted. Before the update online bingo brands were limited to four posts a week and the posts had to be screened by Facebook and approved. There will still be restrictions designed to make sure users under 18 do not have access to any gambling content. The restrictions will apply to pages, apps and paid ads. Lee Griffin, of TBG Digital, said that gambling brands will spend more money since their ads will be much more effective. Griffin stated “This now means that a free to play app on Facebook can specifically link to the gambling site, whereas before it might have had to have been to the brand’s blog. You can be overt now. It means you can use Facebook as a means to convert to paying customers. The lifting of restriction around posting also means that people should connect and have more interactions with the brands, which means gambling brands can now take advantage of paid ads such as Sponsored Stories which amplify that interaction.”

Access Opens Up

The recent move by Facebook is good news for online bingo marketers everywhere. With 750 million users Facebook is a marketers dream. Facebook will also allow ads for offline gambling establishments as long as the ads are properly targeted. Social networks have been important to the online bingo industry and the new rules are good news for bingo fans everywhere.

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