Fair Play an Absolute Necessity for Internet Gambling

Fair Play an Absolute Necessity for Internet GamblingAmid the rush to legalize online gambling in the United States lawmakers need to ensure players that all games will be random and fair. Thanks to rules and legislation that were develop decades ago gamblers in the US are confident that card shufflers, slot machines and other devices in land based casinos operate honestly and fairly. The confidence is well placed and there has not been a cheating scandal at any casino for years. In fact, most of the cheating is attempted by players.

Online gambling is relatively new and in some gambling jurisdictions a Wild West atmosphere is in place. A recent incident involves two internet casinos licensed in Gibraltar, a British Territory. The Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner’s Office, which monitors 25 gambling sites, is investigating the incidents but so far findings have not been released. Last December a complaint surfaced on Casinomeister, an online gambling watchdog site. A player documented a bet by bet documentation of the card games in question.  Independent mathematicians said that the game results could not be from pure chance.

The player’s credibility was called into question after it was revealed that the player admitted creating multiple online identities to take advantage of bonus offers. As it turned out the player had not been forthright. The Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner Phill Brear sent an email to Player’s Advantage which said “There was no reason to believe any game had been ‘rigged’ or any operator had made unfair or unwarranted gains, or customers made similar losses. That said, we are close to concluding our own full investigation into the matter and will provide fuller comments in due course.”

The complaints involved HiLo and ReelDeal dealt at Betfred and NordicBet casinos. Betfred declined comment and referred all questions to Gibraltar officials. NordicBet told Casinomeister it would refund player’s money and will pull all game software by the game’s manufacturers. The games use a cyber-deck with the 10s of each suit removed leaving 48 cards. The computer exposes one card and the object of the game is to guess whether the card will be red or black. The player documented an astounding 19,000 games and bet on red most of the time. Red came up 9,282 times and black came up 10,074 times. Gaming mathematician Eliot Jacobson determined the odds of a difference that large were the same as being dealt two consecutive pat royal flushes.

The incident clearly demonstrates that players and regulators must watch carefully to make sure all games are on the up and up at internet gaming sites. Online bingo players are fortunate since the industry has not been hit by any major scandals. Online bingo players are not motivated by financial gain making cheating even more unlikely. In states will online gambling regulators need to pursue complaints aggressively to keep things fair and honest.

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