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During the last decade, the game of bingo has undergone unprecedented changes. Before the advent of the internet, bingo was played in bingo halls and clubs, churches and special events for a wide variety of organizations. Electronic Keno (bingo’s first cousin) machines led to the development of video bingo machines and electronic bingo at many bingo halls. At land based bingo halls electronic bingo is similar to online bingo especially the auto daub feature which enables players to daub several cards simultaneously. Sudden advances in internet technology led to the first online casinos which were an instant hit. The bingo industry took notice of the popularity of online casinos and the first online bingo game was launched.

Bingo has always been considered a ‘soft’ form of gambling unlike poker and blackjack. Since bingo is essentially a random game of chance players have an equal chance at jackpots and prizes and no special skills are required to play land based or online bingo. In the UK online bingo is now the most popular and played online game. The online bingo industry is now worth over a billion dollars a year and that figure is expected to double by 2012. There are now over 300 bingo sites serving the UK and European market which has led to market saturation and intense competition.

Bingo jackpots now rival those of any other online casino game and, amazingly enough; there have been a couple of ‘bingo millionaires.’  Progressive jackpots are now common on most online bingo websites and routinely exceed $10,000 dollars. Best of all more than one player can win progressive jackpots. Basically a bingo progressive jackpot is a sum of money put in by players that is ‘rolled over’ with each game until someone wins the jackpot. The competition is friendly at online bingo games as players wish each other luck in chat rooms. It is not hard to find a bingo site with large progressive jackpots. A quick Google search will generate thousands of results but how does a player find the best games and jackpots?

Thanks to the internet finding online bingo games with the best jackpots is now an easy task. There are several bingo review sites that routinely post the latest bingo promotions and progressive bingo jackpots. Progressive jackpot games usually provide bingo players with their best chance to win a substantial sum of money.

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