Florida Seniors Protest Bingo Ban

Florida Seniors Protest Bingo BanMany people view seniors as quiet and retiring. In most cases that is true until you try to ban bingo games! In Florida a fight is brewing over a trailer park’s decision to ban bingo. So who would want to deny seniors their bingo games? The answer is easy; professional busybodies and bluenoses. Trailer Estates in Manatee County is classified as a park and recreation district. Because of that designation the bluenoses say there should be no ‘gambling.’ The proposed ban led to heated discussions at the community’s board meeting. Bluenose Bev Lew told reporters “I take issue with them spending government money to gamble. I don’t want us to have a line item budget for 36/40 bingo, 50/50, or Vegas Night. It’s illegal for a government to use your tax money to gamble with, and when you gamble with tax money, you put us in danger of losing our community property.”

Bingo player Gary Leboeuf offered a note of sanity and told reporters “They want to stop people from playing bingo. Everything this park does is very negative on their part. They love harassment…they get up in the morning with hatred on their mind. What they want to do is treat us like we’re criminals, like we’re breaking the law every day and we’re not.” The ban got some seniors so upset that dozens of them staged a demonstration to protest the restrictions on bingo games. Seniors held signs that read “Bingo IS Legal,” “Let Our Seniors Play Bingo,” and “This IS Elder Abuse.”

Residents said they were told by park officials that the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office threatened to shut down the bingo games because they were ‘gambling.’ Don’t they have any real criminals to catch? After some discussion bingo players were told they could hold the games but winners would get prizes instead of small amounts of cash. The Florida bingo ban is eerily similar to another bingo ban that took place in Bald Knob Arkansas in 2012. Things really got weird in Bald Knob after religious extremists led by a demented ‘pastor’ declared all-out war on bingo games at the town’s senior center.

Local bluenoses in Bald Knob lobbied the town’s council to ban the bingo games. For many seniors the games were the only opportunity to socialize with friends but that didn’t deter the bingo battlers. A tiny number of senior center regulars intent on foisting their beliefs onto other complained and stopped attending events. Unfortunately the extremists and nutjobs got their way and bingo was banned by the council. Seniors should investigate online bingo games. They can play from the privacy of their own homes free from the prying eyes of bluenoses and busybodies!

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