Four Reasons Why Most Bingo Players are Women

It is no secret that most nigo players are women. A vast majority of both online and land based players are female and according to UK statistics about 70% of all bingo players are female. Land based bingo players tend to be older women while internet bingo players are much younger women. One survey showed that bingo is the favorite leisure activity among women between the ages of 18 and 30. Globally women account for 80% of all bingo players. There are several reasons why a majority of people who play internet bingo are women.

Some experts say that women have more free time and to defeat boredom many women play bingo. Although more and more women are working in both Europe and American the main breadwinner is still the male. In most western societies women are given the responsibilities of caring for children and maintaining a home. Bingo is low cost entertainment and huge jackpots can be won with a small wager.

Another reason women dominate the world of bingo is that women are much more social than men. Put a group of women who have never met each other in a room and within minutes they will be happily chatting away. Men, on the other hand, often feel uncomfortable around those they don’t know. Internet and land based bingo allows women to meet and socialize and make new friends. Most men prefer to play or watch sports in their free time. In the UK some men play bingo and there is even a bingo site devoted to male bingo players.

Bingo is looked upon as a ‘soft’ form of gambling more suited to women. Many women are intimidated by male dominated casinos. In many societies gambling is considered a vice but bingo is acceptable. Because of bingo’s association with church fund raising events even people who condemn gambling are willing to give bingo a pass. Very few women are found at poker or blackjack tables but women dominate online bingo sites.

For a working woman bingo can be the perfect stress reliever. In fact recent research by the National Health Service in the UK showed that bingo relieves the stress of a hospital stay. Board games have more appeal to women as entertainment. Most men relieve stress by watching television, drinking with friends or playing sports. Bingo sites are easy to access and the game can be played from the comfort of home making the game even more attractive.

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