Four Things to Look For in a Bingo Site

In the UK online bingo is incredibly popular and over three million players log on to their favorite bingo site to play every week. In the UK bingo is regulated by the Bingo Act of 1996 which classified bingo as a recreational activity. The act subjects bingo to several laws designed to deal with the gambling aspect of bingo. Taxes are levied on all bingo sites licensed in the UK. This year the government imposed a ‘point of consumption’ tax to do away with the unfair tax advantages enjoyed by offshore bingo sites. Since there is so much competition in the online bingo industry operators are striving to provide players with the best online bingo experienced possible. For new players selecting a bingo site here are a few things to look for.

Obviously the games will be a prime consideration. Players should make sure the site offers high quality games as well as a variety of side games. A good bingo site will offer 90 and traditional 75 ball games. Many sites also offer 80 and 30 ball games known as ‘speed bingo.’ Sites with smaller selections will have a smaller player base and lower jackpots. In most cases the prize is determined by the number of players in the game.  The games should be professional with high quality graphics and animations. The site should offer a large selection of card prices. In most cases cards cost well under $1. Players should look for tournaments and the site should offer progressive jackpot games.

The bingo site should offer good bonuses and player rewards. In most cases online bingo sites offer players very lucrative welcome bonuses based on the size of the initial deposit. The site should also offer bonuses on every deposit. Some sites offer bonuses to those that refer friends to the site. Players should take advantage of every bonus offered.

The site should have at least one progressive jackpot game. Progressive jackpot games are exciting because the jackpots can be huge. Special chat games should be available and the site should have at least one weekly or monthly tournament.

Customer service is very important. The customer service department should be accessible 24/7. The site should offer the following contact options; email, fax, live chat and phone contact. Players should be able to take to a real person 24/7.In many cases bingo sites host their own forums and prospective players can learn about the experiences other players have had. The site should have the best software available and have a plan in place in case of a computer crash or disconnection.

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