Free Bingo – Fact or Fiction?

During the current ‘economic downturn’ (read recession!) it would be nice to find some sort of cheap entertainment to take your mind off of personal economic and unemployment troubles. It would be even better to find some kind of cheap entertainment that could put a few dollars in your pockets. The solution is easily found-free internet bingo! There are hundreds of online bingo sites advertising free bingo and there are even some sites specializing in free bingo games. Most bingo sites also advertise huge bingo bonuses making the game even more attractive to the cash strapped.

We have all heard the expression that ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’ but is there really such a thing as totally free bingo? The answer is that yes, there are actually several websites offering totally free bingo. Many of these do not offer real cash prizes but a few actually offer players cash prizes. Many free bingo sites offer prizes provided by various companies for promotional purposes and advertising. Most commonly, free bingo is offered as an enticement by commercial bingo sites.

There are essentially two ways to play free online bingo. The first way is to find a site that offers free bingo for its own sake. Some free bingo sites are used for marketing purposes and players must provide personal information and agree to receive email offers for various products and services. For those who do not mind a full email inbox every day these sites can be a good solution. Most commercial bingo sites offer free bingo in addition to various bingo bonuses and bingo promotions. At some sites the free games are restricted to certain games and times which may not be convenient for you. Some free games actually have pretty decent prizes but most free games do not offer players significant jackpots as pay bingo games do.

By taking advantage of the bingo bonuses cash strapped players can play dozens of games essentially free. Other player perks providing free bingo games include loyalty programs, bonus bucks programs and weekly, monthly and holiday promotions. If you have been hard hit by the recession you should take advantage of every offer you can find. You need to use some common sense when trying to locate free bingo games. There are fraudsters out there trying to lure the unwary play into providing personal and banking information so it is wise for you to check the reputation of any site offering free bingo games. The good news is that there are plenty of reputable bingo sites providing free bingo games and determined players should have no trouble locating a suitable bingo site.

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