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Online bingo has made astounding leaps since its introduction in the late 90’s. In the UK, online bingo is the largest online gaming sector and millions regularly play online every week. Since 2006, online bingo has experienced an unprecedented boom and the number of online players has increased by 80%. While some experts attribute the increase to the passage of a national smoking ban others say bingo’s growth has been fueled by a huge increase in the number of younger players who are tech savvy and depend on the internet for their entertainment.

In the UK and some parts of Europe the airwaves are flooded with advertisements for various online bingo websites. Many of these ads are highly original and are targeting a younger audience. There have been some complaints about the online bingo game ads but these have been few and far between. Even newspapers have gotten into the act and several newspapers and tabloids operate their own online bingo games in an attempt to recover falling revenues. Britain is filled with enthusiastic online bingo players and the UK is the world’s largest bingo market surpassing even the United States.

One of the factors that have made online bingo so popular is the free money given away at most bingo sites. Usually the free money is in the form of deposit bonuses and many sites offer a certain amount of free play. The amount of free online bingo offered varies from site to site but usually in the range of ten to thirty dollars or pounds. Most deposit bonuses are based on a percentage of a player’s deposit and generally these are around 100% to 300% and there are even some bonuses as high as 600%! Some sites require an initial deposit to access the free bingo offer while many others do not.

Deposit bonuses have been very effective in attracting players but recent studies have shown that social networking is one of the most important factors that influence players when searching for a suitable bingo site. A large portion of online bingo players are young and have used social media sites like Facebook, MySpace and other for years. The quality of bingo chat rooms is extremely important to these players. Many young players will forgo a large bingo bonus in favor of a lively and interesting chat room. New webcam technology presents intriguing possibilities for bingo chat rooms and who knows what the future holds for online bingo?

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