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imagesBingo is originally an old lottery game called “Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia” in 1530. By the 18th century, the game grew and had added calling out numbers to it. As year’s passed, it reached the United States of America, which today is a huge business in the casino and gaming world. This game is popular all over the world. It is used for raising money for various charities and churches. This is the oldest way to kill time. The old people, who love gambling, love bingo.

Bingo is a game played with irregularly drawn numbers with which the players match numbers which are printed on the 5×5 matrices. It is purely a game of chance. These matrices are sometimes printed on a card stock, paper or presented on an electronic screen. These are called cards. The common version of this game concludes when the first individual accomplishes on forming a described pattern the numbers that are drawn. The winner is required to yell out the word “Bingo!” which leads to a probable win. Each proclaimed win is cross-checked for accuracy before it is officially declared. The prize is acquired and a new game is begun. This version of bingo requires players battle it out against each other for the final prize or “jackpot”.

Technology has made bingo gaming easier and more advanced. Now you have online bingo. Players can sit at the comfort of their home, log on to the website and make the most of it

There are many types of bingo. Some of them are:

1. U-Pick’Em bingo: this is the most common form of bingo. It allows players to pick the numbers as they please to mark it or their cards and head for a win.

2. Quick Shot bingo: The numbers are drawn before the game starts or assigned by a computer. The players have to buy sealed bingo cards. These are sealed so that nobody cheats. The players then start matching the numbers against the pre-drawn numbers. When a player achieves a specified pattern, the player wins a prize as per the rules of the prize table.

3. Electronic bingo: Take one of the above mentioned, you will get the versions of these online or at casinos. Play fair and enjoy.

4. Death bingo: This is the knock out version of regular bingo. It works opposite to the regular way of bingo. The winner is the person who fills out most of the space before yelling out bingo.

This is also a party game, where a huge group of people can get together and go on for hours playing bingo. It is not a game that is too hard to play, nor is it hard to understand like complicated finance topics such as ppi claims and rules. Just have a piece of paper and make a 5 by 5 matrix, write the word “bingo”. Each player calls out a desired number, the person who achieve 5 consecutive numbers in 5 different directions (vertical, horizontal or diagonal) wins the game. It is as easy as eating a piece of cake.

Author Bio: Lucy: An online poker player and photographer, also a freelance blogger.

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