Gambler Numbers Decline in Australia

Gambler Numbers Decline in AustraliaIn Australia new research has found a decline in the number of Australian gamblers but a dramatic rise in sports betting. The study was conducted by researchers at New South Wales’ Southern Cross University. The study found that about 64% of adults in the country gambled during the past year, down from 82% in 1999. Southern Cross University researcher Dr Sally Gainsbury said that sports betting has doubled and revenues have grown by 15% in the last five years. Dr Gainsbury also said that online gambling has attracted new players. Gainsbury stated “Fifty-two per cent of people who gamble online actually prefer that mode, compared to land-based gamblers. It’s that accessibility and convenience that’s really driving them to use the mode. And some people actually prefer it and don’t like the land-based venues, so we’re seeing a new subset of Australians who are engaging in this gambling activity.”

Experts said that many young people are gambling more often. Nathan is typical of a young gambling addict. Nathan discussed his problem and told reporters “I’ve lost over probably $1.5 million, and in terms of how much I’ve gambled, it’s probably been over $3 million or $4 million – that’s including winnings and losings – in the space of four years.” Nathan said he had a good job and the assets to cover his gambling expenses but when he started losing all that changed. Nathan stated “I probably aged maybe eight years or nine years from what I am now. It’s an emotional challenge, especially stopping. It’s put a strain on my relationship with my wife – thank god she’s understanding – and my family and my friends.” Dr. Gainsbury said Nathan’s story is typical. Gainsbury also said that most online gamblers are male.

Gainsbury said that “Interactive gamblers tend to be male, they tend to be younger, they’re from a higher education, so they’re more likely to have university degrees, they certainly have access to the internet at their work or at their home, and they might come from a higher socio-economic bracket.” She blames advertising for the sudden rise in sports betting and told reporters “This is largely attributed to the growth in online betting, which has definitely been fuelled by the advertising we’ve seen in relation to sports betting. There is evidence that there are higher problem gambling rates among people who gamble online and these internet gamblers are more likely to gamble in a greater number of activities sand also more frequently engage in gambling.”

In Australia and many former British colonies online bingo is exceptionally popular. Most online bingo players are young females. Gambling addiction is rare among bingo players partially because most jackpots are smaller than those offered by sports betting sites. Generally online bingo players do not fit the profile of the average internet gambler.

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