Gaming Executive Predicts Legal Online Poker in 2012

U.S. Digital Gaming is a multimillion dollar company founded in 2009 by former Las Vegas casino executive Richard “Skip” Bronson. U.S. Digital Gaming is looking for companies that are capable of providing the services necessary to run online gambling sites. Bronson and his company offer a variety of gaming services including software, legal services, licensing and marketing and advertising services. Bronson’s company has already licensed software to offer internet poker games and can also provide the technology necessary to verify a player’s location and age.

Optimistic About the Future

Despite the fact that internet gambling remains illegal in the United States Bronson remains optimistic about the future of online gaming in the US. Bronson said of legalization “I don’t see it happening this year. It will be 2012 before any state law is passed legalizing online gambling, especially online poker.” After the first state legalizes online gambling Bronson foresees a ‘domino effect.’ Bronson said that legalization at the state level, also known as intrastate gambling’ will provide Native American tribes, commercial casinos, and state lotteries with an advantage because of their position in local gaming markets. Bronson said “There are so many twists and turns to this story. So much noise. I tell my clients to ignore the noise and stay focused on the prize.”

Online Gambling Growth

So far Bronson’s company has raised $3 million dollars in outside funding in addition to the $3 million invested by Bronson and his business partner Richard Baskin. Bronson lives in Beverly Hills California and has ties with Las Vegas. Bronson maintains close ties with Wynn Resorts Ltd. Chairman and CEO Steve Wynn. Bronson’s company is lobbying several state governments to legalize internet poker. So far Florida, Iowa, California and New Jersey have either debated or passed legislation that would legalize internet poker for state residents. Bronson believes the growth of online gambling will follow the pattern established by state lotteries. Bronson told reporters “When New Hampshire created the first lottery in 1964; it didn’t take long for other states to form their own lotteries. Today there are 42 state lotteries. We are very close to having the first state go live with online poker.”

Bingo operators are following developments in the US very closely. Recently it was revealed that 888 Holdings may apply for a Nevada poker license. 888 Holdings operates several online bingo sites. Once poker is legalized, online bingo is sure to follow. If Bronson’s predictions come true bingo sites may be providing American players with legal online bingo games next year.

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