Gaming Summit Examines Mobile Market Potential

The days when online gamblers had to lug around a laptop computer seem to be on the way out. Laptops are being replaced by smartphones capable of just about anything. Online bingo players and gamblers can now carry around their favorite casino games in their pockets. . Today tablets and smartphones can easily compete with desktop computers. Convenience and portability plus communications at the touch the screen make these devices a must have for online bingo players and gamblers.

Recently mobile trends were discussed at the Mobile and Tablet Gambling Summit in London which took place November 21st and 22nd. The summit features lively debates and discussions and a lot of participants showed interest in HTML5 vs. native applications. The term native app is defined as an application that locally installed application in contrast to other software that can be installed by the user. One debate focused on the cost of developing HTML5 vs. creating applications that would be sold at the Apple app store.

Some firms such as Alchemy Bet said they chose to go with the HTML5 platform for their mobile gambling platform saying HTML5 is less expensive and easier to modify if needed. Other benefits of HTML5 include the “one code fits all” that ensures compatibility with other mobile platforms. HTML5 allows for easy updates that can be made available to anyone with a smartphone or mobile tablet.

The addition of smart TV’s to the internet gambling mix spurred discussions among summit participants. Some online gambling companies have realized that the potential of connecting a smartphone or tablet to big screens capable of internet connection will lead to new marketing opportunities as well as providing players with an enhanced gaming experience. Many large operators are moving towards HTML5. Microgaming, the largest supplier of online gambling software in the world, is using HTML5 to power the next generation of the company’s games. Many tech experts believe that HTML5 will replace Flash based games in a few years.

A Microgaming spokesman, Neill Whyte, had this to say about Microgaming’s strategy “We are focused on creating a highly innovative and flexible offering for the mobile gaming market. We are market leaders in mobile gaming and intend to stay in the number 1 spot by providing custom made solutions for premier brands,” adding, “Our two newest HTML5 games, Ladies Nite and Spring Break are a great addition to our already large portfolio of mobile games.”



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