Gay Bingo Raises Funds For AIDS Research

In the United States bingo is exceptionally popular in the gay community. For over a decade gay bingo games have been used to raise funds for AIDS research and to help those suffering from the fatal disease. Things are a lot different today for those diagnosed with AIDS. Twenty years ago a diagnosis of AIDS was a death sentence but today drugs can control the disease and its progression. In Philadelphia gay bingo was introduced over a decade ago and is still going strong today. Everyone is welcome at the games and gay bingo is now entering its sixth season in Philadelphia.

Gay bingo is a monthly event and attracts people from all age groups and players of any sexual orientation are welcome. The gay bingo games give players the chance to spend quality time with friends while helping charities at the same time. While many people still think of bingo as a game played by grandmas nothing could be further from the truth during gay bingo games. Modern version of the game makes it more attractive to a wider audience. The gay bingo games are designed to make them more fun for players of all ages.

In Philadelphia gay bingo games take place at the Gershman Y located at 401 South Broad Street in the heart of Center City. Tickets are only $25 and the games usually last about 2 hours. Games celebrate a different theme every month and the games are never boring! Games are hosted by the Bingo Verifying Divas, a colorful group of drag queens on roller skates who entertain the crowd with their outrageous sense of humor. Audience participation is encourages and those that want to volunteer for the shows should contact the staff. Tickets for the games may be ordered in advance at the aidsfundphilly website.

The games raise money for several organizations. The AIDS fund supports HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and services in the Delaware Valley Region. The bingo games benefit 30 partner organizations dedicated to helping those with aids and educating the public about the disease. A complete list of partner organizations may be found on the AIDS Fund website.  Prizes are donated and include theatre and concert tickets, gift certificates, and other very unique prizes.

Philadelphia is not the only city with gay bingo games. In Los Angeles the charity gay bingo games at Hamburger Mary’s are legendary and San Francisco is home to many gay bingo games. Players do not have to be gay to play gay bingo and all are welcome to have fun and contribute to a great cause at the same time.

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