Getting an Edge

Bingo is a game that’s all about numbers, primarily the right ones (for you) being called out. However, whilst conventional bingo strategies tend to focus on which cards to pick – and maybe a bit of superstition – a lot of people ignore the other relevant odds, who you’re playing against, and how many games you’re playing.

The most important thing when honing any strategy is to be able to try it out without risking any money. Make sure you make the most of bingo bonuses at Costa Bingo and other companies that lets you try out your strategy to win real money, without risking any of your own.

Avoiding Duplicates

Assuming that you’re going to play multiple cards (and most good players do) some people prefer to avoid having the same numbers on different cards. The theory of this is relatively sound, in as much as you double your chance of having a number called out. However, you’re just as likely to get an even split of numbers across two cards as you are everything on one.

Avoiding Crowds

If there are 100 people playing a game, you’ve got a 1 in a 100 chance of winning (assuming everyone is playing with one card), if there are a million people playing, you’ve got a 1 in 1,000,000 chance of winning. So it’s obvious that you need to go for smaller games to improve your chances.

But smaller games often have lower jackpots…except not always. Most sites will offer a range of jackpots, some will vary with the number of players, others will stay fixed, if you play at times when there are fewer people around, but the jackpots stay the same, you’re risk reward ratio goes through the roof.

Multiple Cards

In theory, if you’ve got a 1 in a 100 chance of winning, buying another card will give you a 2 in 101 chance, almost twice as good. Except, in doing so, you have to pay that little bit extra, so is playing multiple cards worth it?

The answer is yes, up to a point. Think of it this way. You’re playing in a game with 1,000 people, so you have a 1:1,000 chance of winning. You buy two cards, and you’ve got a 2:1001 chance of winning. Alternatively you could play a 1:100 game, and buy two cards and have a 2:101 chance. Which is better? The second option, because if you played both games 501 times, the odds are that you’d win the second game at least 9 times, whilst the odds are you’d win the first one at least once. Of course, the prize in the second game is smaller by a factor of ten, however, in all likelihood you’ll win more than 9 times (because number theory is imperfect), so the second is better.

In short, buy more cards in smaller games and you stand to win more often.

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