Ghost Hunters Investigate Haunted Bingo Hall

Mecca is one of the most well known names in the UK bingo industry. Mecca operates a chain of local bingo halls throughout the UK and also operates an online bingo site.  One local Mecca bingo hall offers much more than bingo games; there have been several reported sightings of ghosts in the hall. Recently the Rosehill Mecca bingo club was the site of a séance to contact the spirit of the ‘Grey Man’ who haunts the popular club.

Ghost Hunters Invade Mecca Bingo

After being contacted by the Ghost Club the club’s management agreed to open their doors for an overnight stay by ghost aficionados who want to get to the bottom of the mysterious sightings. The group used a crystal ball to contact the ghost and asked some questions before hearing a noise that the group believes was made by the ghost. Laura Teakle, who works in the 1930’s era building, said she could identify many of the noises heard by the ghost hunters but when the group approached the Circle Area of the hall she heard noises she could not explain. Ms. Teakle stated “Last time I came out with the group a door slammed behind me, and this time I heard unexplained noises. I’m usually quite cynical about these things.”

Bingo Player Haunts Hall

There have been other attempts to communicate with the spirits haunting the bingo hall. In April the group claims it was contacted by the spirit of a former bingo player who was believed to have committed suicide in 1965. Laura stated “I saw a bright light move quickly in an arc shape as I sat in the top row looking downwards go across the wall on my right. Several of us saw this from different areas of the auditorium. Apparently on one of them if you zoom in you can make out a face.”

Phantom Organ Music

At their bingo hall séances the group has used a crystal ball and a planchet. A planchet is a board with a pen in the middle of it. The management and staff welcomed the group and allowed them to remain overnight. Three separate ghosts have been reported. Neighbors have complained about organ music coming from the hall late at night but there is no organ on the premises. At one time the bingo club was a cinema and the group believes the sounds may be a remnant of the days when the cinema was in operation.

The results have been inconclusive and the reports of the club’s haunting have not frightened away any players. For players afraid of ghosts Mecca operates an online bingo site guaranteed to be free of ghosts.

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