Google More Popular Than Facebook For Online Bingo Players

For years BingoPort has been the UK’s most reliable source for all things bingo. The most recent study by Bingoport has shown that among online bingo players Google is the most popular non-bingo website just ahead of Facebook. Google is easily the world’s most popular and used search engine. Google has built a unique corporate culture and turnover is very low due to the many perks enjoyed by Google employees.

The new data compiled by Bingo port was compiled by surveying the company’s extensive database of internet bingo players. The database represents a broad and unbiased section of the online bingo sector. The survey showed that 70% of all online bingo players regularly use Google and that 69% of all players use Facebook. In the wider UK online population 90% use Google’s search engine and 77.7% use Facebook. It should come as no surprise that Facebook is popular with online bingo players. Facebook has over 900 million active users and offers several bingo games.

Recently Facebook decided to join the world of real money gaming. Zynga’s bingo game is one of the most popular Facebook games ranking just under Zynga’s poker games on the social networking site. Most of the major UK online bingo providers maintain Facebook pages. The lower Google share among online bingo players can be attributed to the use of other search engines. According to the survey 16% of online bingo players use Bing/MSN and about 22% use Yahoo.

Bingoport’s Operations Manager, Andrew Housego believes the lower rate of Facebook usage is indicative of the social nature of most online bingo sites. Housego stated “Although most online bingo players use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family, there are plenty whose sole point of online social contact is their favourite bingo site. In fact, there are plenty of online bingo players whose only activity on the internet is accessing their favourite bingo site.”

Other non-bingo sites popular with players include, eBay and YouTube. Other sites frequented by bingo players included banking sites, news and travel websites. The survey should be of particular interest to marketers targeting online bingo players.

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