Guy Fawkes Day and Other British Holiday Bingo Promotions

Online bingo sites will use just about any excuse to offer players promotions and special games. Most of the major holidays generate a slew of special holiday themed games. In addition to major holidays like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and others British players are offered promotions for holidays that most Americans have never heard of. Guy Fawkes Day is celebrated in Great Britain every November people celebrate Guy Fawkes Day with bonfires and fireworks.

The origins of the holiday date all the way back to 1605 when the gunpowder plot was conceived. Basically Fawkes planned to assassinate King James the 1st. (the very same king responsible for the King James Edition of the Bible) Fawkes and his co conspirators planned to install a Catholic monarch on the English throne. Fawkes was described by his contemporaries as “pleasant of approach and cheerful of manner, opposed to quarrels and strife … loyal to his friends” and also was “a man highly skilled in matters of war.” Fawkes and his cronies planned to blow up Parliament with gunpowder but the plot was discovered. Fawkes was subjected to severe torture which was the norm at the time. Fawkes received a very gruesome death sentence. It was the custom at the time to make executions as slow and painful as possible. Fawkes escaped the final tortures by jumping off of the hanging scaffold and breaking his neck.

Today Guy Fawkes Day is a popular British holiday and is celebrated with much merriment. Guy Fawkes has made an appearance among the current Occupy Wall Street protestors around the world. Many are wearing Guy Fawkes masks. Online bingo sites have not ignored Guy Fawkes Day. Just about every online bingo site targeting the UK player base is offering some sort of Guy Fawkes promotion. Another holiday peculiar to Great Britain is Boxing Day. Boxing Day usually takes place on December 26th. One long standing Boxing Day tradition has been the giving of money and gifts to needy persons and those in service positions. Boxing Day is linked to an ancient tradition. For making sure that everything ran smoothly on Christmas day servants were given December 26th off to spend and celebrate with their families.

Boxing Day is popular at British bingo sites and it is a matter of course for UK based online bingo sites to include Boxing Day promotions with Christmas and New Year’s promotions, bingo bonuses and special games.

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