Play Bingo For the Health of It !

Studies done by leading universities in the United States and the United Kingdom have established the fact the bingo has definite health benefits for those who play it. Bingo has been shown to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s and has definite cognitive benefits. At the Rush University Medical Centre in the US a recent study included 1,138 older adults with a mean age of 80. The study titled the Rush Memory and Aging Project. Participants underwent yearly evaluations that included both neuropsychological tests and medical history.

Bingo is a Social Activity

The study found that those who participate in social activities such as playing bingo, day trips or overnight trips, volunteer activities, visiting relatives and friends showed reduced rates of cognitive decline. Participants with the highest level of social activity showed only one quarter the rate cognitive decline experienced by participants whose social activities are limited. Bryan James, who headed the study, stated “Social activity has long been recognized as an essential component of healthy aging, but now we have strong evidence that it is also related to better everyday functioning and less disability in old age.”

Bingo Provides Brain Stimulation

In the UK leading doctors with the National Health Service have said that Drama therapy, bingo, cards and art classes can actually reduce the time patients spend in hospital. It has also been shown that online bingo can stimulate brain activity. For many seniors online bingo has opened up the world of computers making seniors more engaged in the world and activities around them. Loss of memory is a problem commonly faced by those over 50 but playing online bingo has been shown to help those over 50 retain memory and hand eye coordination.

The Evidence is Mounting

The beneficial effects of bingo were documented by researchers Donald H. Kausler and Barry C. Kausler. In the preface to ‘The Graying of America: An Encyclopedia of Aging, Health, Mind and Behavior’ the Kauslers stated “playing bingo, long considered to be simply a recreational pastime for senior citizens, may actually train elderly players to improve their attentional skills.” In 2002 Julie Winstone from the Centre for Visual Cognition at Southampton University’s Psychology Department conducted a study that showed that playing bingo can improve the speed and precision of short-term memory and slow mental and cognitive decline.

The evidence in; the game of bingo provides three main benefits. Bingo maintains memory skills, Improves concentration and provides social interaction. It seems to make little difference whether seniors play traditional live bingo or online bingo.

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