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Surprisingly many online bingo players have never set foot in a land based bingo hall. Most online bingo players are younger than the average live bingo player. At bingo halls games are steeped in rituals, rules and special game variants. If you are one of those that have never attended a live bingo game here are a few tips.

You should try to arrive early. Many regular bingo players go to the hall one or two hours before the games begin. This gives them time to find a good seat and socialize. Some will set up their ‘lucky’ charms and get their cards organized. This is also an opportunity for you to hear about other bingo games in the area. Many bingo halls also offer slot games and many players arrive early to play the slots.

You should come prepared. Bring a glue stick or tape as some tables can be slippery which could break your concentration when playing.

If you can find a seat near the caller it will help you during the games. Some players sit near the caller so they can see the next ball to be pulled from the bingo cage. You need to be alert during games and you must call bingo before the next number is called. Once the next number has been called you bingo is no longer valid. Sitting near the caller will make it easier for you to call bingo in a crowded hall.

Many players say that exercise makes them sharper and increases their powers of concentration. Get up and walk around the hall between games. You should always pay attention to the card pattern. Many bingo halls use special patterns. One good example is the ‘Christmas tree’ pattern used during the holiday season. It is common for new players to get bingo and not know it.

If you are a beginner it is a good idea to stick to a few cards. If you play too many cards you could easily miss a bingo. Since bingo is a totally random game of chance each player has an equal chance of winning. Statistics show that about 90% of all bingo players have won a jackpot.

Some bingo halls serve alcohol and your consumption should be moderate. Having too many drinks will decrease your chances of winning and if you drove to the hall excessive consumption could result in serious legal difficulties.

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