How Safe is Internet Bingo ?

For anyone who spends a considerable amount of time online security is paramount. There are cyber criminals just waiting to steal personal banking information and many criminals have designed malicious programs that can wreck a computer in a matter of minutes. Internet security companies are having a hard time keeping up with the onslaught of malicious programs and security threats. Most cyber crime originates in three areas, Russia, Ukraine and China. A recent Reuters report detailed a company located in Ukraine whose specialty is creating malicious programs and fake anti spyware programs.

Are players at bingo sites safe? For the most part yes. Most online bingo sites go to great lengths to protect their players. After all if a player visits a bingo site and gets infected with a computer virus or a nasty piece of malware they are unlikely to visit that bingo site again. Fortunately most malware requires user interaction to be installed. There are some programs that are installed via a ‘drive by download.’ These programs can be installed without the consent or knowledge of the user. Programs installed in this manner are usually designed to steal banking information and can remain dormant and unnoticed until the user accesses a bank or credit card account. Once the user accesses the account the program goes into action and records account details and passwords. There are several security programs, some of them free that can eliminate these threats.

Players at bingo sites must provide certain information such as name, address, email, and other information. Fortunately for internet bingo players reputable bingo sites use sophisticated encryption programs that are constantly changing and are immune from hackers. Encryption programs are standard equipment for banks, credit card companies and payment services doing business online. Well known encryption programs include Thawte, Comodo, Geo Trust and Verisign. Most bingo sites have the logo of the encryption program they use on the home page or in the security or FAQ section.

One of the biggest problems faced by players and computer users in general is the proliferation of fake anti spyware programs. Usually a popup ad appears that says the computer is infected and offers a free scan. No matter what option is chosen the program is installed and within hours a computer can be wrecked. Fortunately it is easy for players to avoid infection since the installation requires user interaction. If such an ad appears simply disconnect from the internet or restart the computer. Under no circumstances should a player click on the popup.

Internet bingo is probably the safest form of online gambling. It is also one of the most entertaining and inexpensive form of internet gaming. Where else can players win so much money for such small wagers?

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